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Junction 2 Launch Party: Introducing Trikk and Fort Romeau


As winter’s cold winds pervade across London, we can’t help but look ahead to the coziness of the last days of spring and the revelries of the festival season. Our Junction 2 festival, in particular, is looking to bring the much-needed heat with an eclectic and electric crop of talented producers and selectors.


Before the final showdown in June, however, we call to arms a selection of fully flared DJs and producers to launch festivities this December and bring heatwaves to Wapping’s one-of-a-kind Tobacco Dock.


Amongst this crop of talents are beat explorers Trikk and Fort Romeau, who have been making waves over the past years with their idiosyncratic and genre-bending selection of tunes and elite-level productions. Here we have listed one of their recent releases that exemplify these outstanding artists’ style and a track each from their freshest mixes that have really struck a chord in us.



Trikk – Deep House Amsterdam Mix #373

Trikk’s recent mix for underground platform Deep House Amsterdam is one we’d listen to anytime and anywhere. Its capacity to transport anyone with its ethereal soundscapes to faraway lands makes it one of our most favoured mixes, and we’ve listened to quite a few over the past years. Wavy, otherworldly synths and tribal, hypnotizing beats suffuse the set almost merging all tracks into one eclectic sea of sounds.


Dele Sosimi – Turbulent Times (Armonica Remix) – MoBlack Records


An outstanding track on the mix, the Italian duo Armonica really outdid themselves on this one. The thumping kick embellished by a striking trumpet and chopped up vocals of Dele Sosimi himself make up a funky, groovy, and summery belter that heats up even the coldest of the dog days of winter.


Trikk – Vilara – Innervisions


Released on underground powerhouse Innervisions, this track is a commanding piece of work. Saturated in raw emotion, this heavy hitting piece strikingly swerves across the Techno spectrum with its simple, yet punchy, pulsating bass and shamanic percussions holding up the more pulpous and barbaric synth stabs and sounds.




Fort Romeau – Essential Mix – 7th July


Fort Romeau’s Essential Mix is outstanding, and we are so glad it came out in mid-summer, so we could savour at the right moment. Eclectically drenched in tribal percussions and otherworldly sounds, the mix merges the old and the new, linking Techno legends such as Plastikman and Radio Slave with up and coming talent such as Armonica. Further bending across genres, Fort Romeau’s Essential Mix is one for fans of all kinds of music.


Exquisite Corpse – Sacrifice


As you’re reading this, we’re probably still wondering why we picked this track over Plastikman’s “Panikattack” on Plus 8 Records.

Yet, released in 1992, “Sacrifice” is still as fresh as back in the days and we felt it was right to give credit to these underground masterminds. Taking influence from Techno, Trance, Ambient and Disco, this tune synthesizes the underground scene magnificently. Waves of striking synths, tribal percussions and deep basslines, it really doesn’t seem a quarter of a century old…


Fort Romeau – Pablo – Fort Romeau


Fort Romeau’s latest self-release is a loose cannon of a track. Bubbly arpeggios and a fine fat kick, “Pablo” is a masterpiece of production and one we cannot stop listening to since the early days of summer. Also in Fort Romeau’s Essential Mix, the track has received praise by the likes of Pete Tong and Pitchfork magazine as being the tune of the summer. We couldn’t agree more…