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Joris Voorn’s London


A little over a week and very few tickets left until Joris Voorn and his carefully selected crop of talents Eagles & Butterflies and Agoria hail Wapping’s underground headquarters E1. Looking back to his career’s early days, Joris has taken over our social media and brought us back to his past successes in the city.

Joris Voorn’s relationship with London’s electronic music scene is over a decade old. Both have witnessed eachother’s growth to become, on one hand, one of the most respected DJs in the House and Techno scene, and on the other, one of the globe’s most respected cities for riveting and hedonistic raves.

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“Playing at Fabric is always a special occasion, the energy is raw and intense”

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Delving deep into London’s riotous scene, Joris’ debut in London coincided with Room Two at Fabric, where he brought his own live show in April 2007. Almost half a decade later and Joris finally hailed the main room at Fabric in 2011 with a tumultuous and intense set that he still hasn’t forgot about.

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Bringing his kids over to Shoreditch, a stopover at Village Underground was only natural; the place where his Spectrum show debuted in the UK. Starting off as a night for Joris to showcase his own artistic eclecticism and the scene’s wide-ranging palette of textures, Spectrum has now become one of the most sought-after events in both the clubbing and festival circuits, due to its amalgamation of different art worlds into one.

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“Village Underground was the perfect spot for our first London event… The energy and atmosphere at Village Underground was incredible”

Over a decade later from his London debut, Joris Voorn is back with his very own Spectrum show at Wapping’s intimate venue E1 for a night that will encompass the whole spectrum of the electronic music scene. Joris himself is “looking forward to experiencing another Spectrum in London”, with E1 being the perfect location for such an event.

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Looking forward to experiencing another Spectrum in London, E1 is the perfect location for our second London show”

With more sightseeing across London with the family, Joris Voorn’s trip down memory lane came to an end. With a hectic schedule in the upcoming months of jostling between two record labels, touring, and healthy family time, Joris Voorn’s Spectrum at E1 is the last chance to see the Dutch Techno legend perform in London for a while to come and is certainly not an event to be missed.

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