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Kevin Over


Kevin Over was born in the heart of the Ruhr Area (Germany) in 1991. The young sensation first jumped on the turntables at the age of fourteen and had spent the next decade honing his craft as a producer and DJ.

The 90’s sound has shaped Over’s sound over recent years, some of the world’s leading DJs including Kerri Chandler, Adam Beyer, Stacey Pullen and Maya Jane Coles have been championing his tracks for some time now. 

Read the interview below and listen to his exclusive mix for LWE ahead of his appearance at Drumcode Halloween.

Hey, Kevin, hope you are good. What have you been up to lately?
Thanks for inviting me guys! I am enjoying the last days of a special summer in Malta right now to play with Ray Okpara and And.ID on a Rooftop. Couldn’t be better!

Tell us your style in 3 words.
House, ghetto, techno

If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
You’d see a TR-8 and a Dave Smith Mopho on the right and a DJ-Set Up on the left that’s from another century I guess… compared to the club standard these years. In the middle, you’ll find the center of creativity next to a Kellogs Froot Loops Bowl.

What have been your five favourite tracks of the summer so far?
Chaos in the CBD – Global Erosion
Cabin Fever Trax Vol.10
Rimbaudian – Holy Flesh
Hiroshi Watanabe – Leonids
Geddes – Can’t You See (Seb Zito Remix)

What are you most looking forward to about playing at Drumcode Halloween?
I think the most exciting thing is about blowing up a rave in such a special venue. I am bit too young to for being a rave kid during the 90s, but choosing locations like the Tobacco Dock; it means it’s all about purism and letting the music stand in the focus.

Was the London scene much of an influence on your musical tastes when growing up?
Sure it was. Breakbeat from the UK was one of my first influences. Finger Lickin Records, Soul of a Man, Drumattic Twins.

Tell us something people might not know about you?
I am still playing soccer in a team. When I find the time, I directly rush from the club onto the field. We’ve been rocking the Kreisliga B recently (8th League).

Are you into any sport and do you follow a team?
Soccer is my favorite sport for sure. Nothing better to just watch the green spot on the TV and get chilled like crazy. Been supporting Dortmund the last time, but not a huge fan of a club.

What else can we expect from you in 2016 in terms of releases, new music or other projects?
I have signed two new EPs to labels from the UK. First is Nofitstate, a great label I’ve been following and loving for years now and Underground Audio, the imprint from my friend and agent Kal.

What has been your best memory DJing so far?
Playing my first Australia and New Zealand Tour this year. It was an all overwhelming experience to travel that far and present my own music.

Join Kevin Over at Drumcode Halloween, this October – marking its seventh year of debauchery. A spine-tingling lineup that sees Drumcode’s most iconic artists, play alongside a host of special guests drawn from every end of the techno spectrum.