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Danish DJ Rune Reilly Kölsch was born in 1977 in Christiania the self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood in Copenhagen, Denmark. Known for being eco-friendly and free thinking, creativity was likely an imperative part of growing up. This creativity and freedom from the constraints of what electronic house and trance music should be, mean that Kölsch is one of the most unique DJs out there.

Kolsch is signed to Kompakt records, a much-revered independent label based in Cologne, Germany. They specialise in minimal techno and microhouse, and this combination makes it easy to see why Kölsch is so perfect for their label. Kölsch’s music is a combination of ear-piercing techno high’s, alongside a more traditional house bass. This is interspersed with acoustic breaks that give an audience time to regain composure.

Kompakt released Kolsch’s first LP 1977, in 2013 and led to what many described as a genre-defining step change in what was expected from techno music production. His first ever EP Speicher 68, was released in 2010, while this definitely had a Euro-house sound, it feels more urgent than some of his latest increasingly tonally mellow mixes.

Arguably the mainstream music industry can often turn their metaphorical nose up at individuality and the destruction of musical barriers. However, Kölsch’s influence and popularity just continue to rise. He DJs regularly at venues across Ibiza like, Pacha, DC-10, Ushuaïa, and Space, as well as UK venues like Fabric.

His influence extends further than just Europe though, with him completing tours around Australia, the USA and South America his music appeals worldwide. His fans are incredibly loyal and passionate about what he creates, and it is clear that his music means a lot to them.

This year so far Kölsch has released an EP with Michael Mayer a fellow Kompakt alumni, called Dogma 1 & Dogma 2. He is also set to release a new EP in September, which will undoubtedly follow the same genius that his past discography has.

Kölsch’s individuality mean that no one can replicate or even come close to the quality and unique sound you get from seeing him live. You just have to look at his Twitter to see fans demanding he come to their city and country to perform, to realise what a busy guy he is and to take advantage when the opportunity arises to witness one of his sets.


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