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LEAF Club Preview


Set across three rooms at the Tobacco Dock venue, LEAF Club will feature some of the most innovative and talked about producers/DJs in electronic music. Picking pioneers from different key movements, the line-up includes artists that have helped to define the sounds of dancefloors across the globe. These are some of the key players that have helped to make electronic music what it is today…

Anja Schneider
Anja Schneider has become a firm favourite in London and her sound is quickly taking a firm hold in the city, as the influence of mobilee records continues to grow. Check out her recent essential mix, which is a journey through the changing moods we can experience in one night. “Happy, sad, wild, sexy and maybe even a little tranquility by the morning light”.

Chris Liebing
Chris Liebing has a long association with techno and has been a flagbearer for the sound for so long, and at such a high level consistently. Living by the ethos “Create Learn and Realise”, Chris is constantly looking for new ways to manipulate sounds in his live sets and has embraced the new technologies that have allowed him to make each performance different from the rest. He continues to shape the sound, and provide a platform for it’s youth with the ever expanding movement of CLR; with it’s releases, parties and wider influences.

DJ Harvey
Harvey first came to the attention of UK hedonists looking for the best parties with his now infamous Tonka nights. Since then he’s become one of dance music’s most enigmatic and well respected DJs on the planet, famed for extended DJ sets that combine the best in contemporary with forgotten classics. All put together with the Urei Mixer, expect to hear plenty of records you might not have heard before, but you’ll feel an infectious groove right away.



Mellowing his style as times goes by, getting more experimental and spacey with a fresh style of his own, Luciano’s production is destined to the wiser dancefloors that have become hooked on his groovy & minimal.

Modeselektor (DJ Set)
Wildly diverse, infused with exuberance and inspired by a slap of the absurd, Modeselektor’s inarguable grooves seem to emanate from every conceivable musical genre, creating a controlled chaos that sounds so different to everything else. Their sonic expression always elevates the eyebrows and heartbeats of critics and dance floors around the world.

Pan-Pot are one of the biggest players within the international DJ circuit at the moment and their setting the bar high with a busy touring schedule, that’s not hindered quality output in the studio. With so much consistency in their productions it’s no wonder that in every major party city there’s a huge following.




For Sasha, music is his first love, and what gives him a buzz is being able to share his music with others. Sasha leaves trails of unforgettable memories, melodies and stories wherever he goes and his influence spans across many years. These are the things that have been, and will continue to be remembered and passed on for years. And that is what legends are made of.

Rob da Bank
Rob da Bank is the brainchild behind LEAF, and is probably best know for being the bossman at Bestival. Amongst his many other accolades including running his own record label, radio shows and more; Rob da Bank is a world renowned DJ in his own right.



Tale Of Us

Are probably one of the most exciting duos within electronic music at the moment. The Berlin based duo have continued to work through the ranks of house and techno with an originality and creativity that gives them a distinction from the rest. While all of their productions are instantly recognisable as Tale Of Us, these range from straight-up dance floor jams to low-slung ambient tracks and more abstract compositions. All good music should tell a story and Tales of Us is a total experience.

Here are a few mixes some new and a couple of throwbacks in there too, from the carefully selected support we’ve called on. Featuring some of the finest talents being harboured by Second State records, and London favourite Enzo Tedeschi.


062 LWE Mix – BEC by Lwe on Mixcloud

Clint Stewart

047 LWE Mix – Clint Stewart by Lwe on Mixcloud

Enzo Tedeschi

Enzo Tedeschi Live @ LWE Tobacco Dock 01.01.2015 by Lwe on Mixcloud

Stephan Hinz (Live)