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LEAF Conversations – Arcadia Spectacular


-How to build a firebreathing spider

Arcadia fuse reshaped military hardware, flaming explosions, sculpture, performance, architecture, adrenaline, immersion and bass into a primal unity

Founded in 2007 by Bert Cole and Pip Rush, Arcadia have developed installations, sculptures and shows, ranging from 50 tonne, fire breathing mechanical creatures to amphibious mobile stages.


This March, the team behind Arcadia will be offering a deeper insight into the mechanics of the Spider, their inspirations, their challenges, and the perpetual evolutions that keep them on the cutting edge. Having forged a series of unforgettable moments on the UK festival circuit, Arcadia have expanded overseas and are currently capturing the imaginations of people from across the globe. An inspiration for creative minds, they will be discussing the full spectrum of their shows, from engineering to acrobatics, and from towering flame cannons to the unifying thread of multi sensory immersion.

Arcadia have always maintained a strong conscious ethos. Their philosophy of positive recycling has long demonstrated just what can be achieved with abandoned military and industrial equipment and their passion for sustainability has seen them champion innovative new technologies. Today, the award winning Arcadia has become an international symbol of free thinking and unconventional creativity as they push the envelope ever further…

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