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LWE Event Phone Theft Statement


This is the official statement from LWE regarding phone thefts at the Great Suffolk Street Warehouse on Saturday 2nd February 2013:

London is now a key centre for organised phone thieves. Clubs have increasingly become a target for these determined gangs to steal iPhones, Samsung Galaxys and other smart phones.

On Saturday we had extensive CCTV, 4 undercover security, large posters around the venue and we had warned everyone on the LWE fan pages to avoid using their phone at the event as this is how the thieves target you. Unfortunately a number of phones were stolen. As soon as this was reported to the security company we introduced a ‘search upon departure’ policy. One the thieves realised this they dumped most of the phones in the portaloos and at other places around the venue, so we do have a number of wet and muddy phones with us.

LWE have now introduced a ‘search upon departure’ policy for all their forthcoming shows. We will advertise this on our fan pages so that any thief thinking of coming to the show to steal will think twice. We will also provide a free, secure phone ‘cloakroom’, so that customers can put their smart phones in at the start of the night and therefore not provide any opportunities for the thieves.

Finally if you do see anyone behaving suspiciously please immediately contact a member of security at the front door and give an accurate description. Unless the security have a description they cannot act.

If you had your phone stolen at Speakerbox then please follow this course of action. Please contact your insurance company or phone provider and report that your phone is missing. They will then in turn contact the police to see whether one of the phones held by them matches the IMEI number of your phone. Should you not have phone insurance please contact with your IMEI number (found on the box of your phone or by calling your phone provider).

Thanks for your understanding and patience. We are trying our best to prevent this happening again and to ensure you safety when partying at an LWE event.