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LWE Mix Series


Ever since our humble beginnings, we have always endeavoured to provide our fans with the best tunes and artists currently out there. Whether through throwing intimate club nights across London’s bustling underground scene or through setting up colossal, riveting festivals, our work has constantly been about delivering the best music.

Our LWE Mix Series reflects exactly those sound-focussed values of which we are proud, providing a platform to both acclaimed and up-and-coming, burgeoning talent to share their own mixes and tunes to our mesmerizing crowds whenever and wherever.

Below we have listed our favourite mixes throughout the years…

Mix 120

Marco Faraone

Marco Faraone’s mix was our latest so far, but definitely and by far not the least in terms of quality. The young Italian DJ is known for his versatility and eclectic range of floor-filling Techno tracks that have garnered him acclaim and support at the widest range of clubs and festivals throughout the years, including our own recent Drumcode Halloween. Starting off with a broken beat, melancholic synth hits and an outer space soundscape, the mix evolves through progressing percussions into the menacing four-four beat of Luca Agnelli’s “7 O’Clock”. Marco’s passion for 90s House and for the New York underground scene is apparent throughout the mix, yet New Yorker Avision’s “The Come up” masterfully stands out, as it beautifully amalgamates the best components of Techno and House into one edgy tune. Ending the mix with further US eclecticism in Beroshima’s “Buy Some Shit”, Marco Faraone’s palette of sounds, textures, and tracks is one we always really look forward to…

Mix 003

Joseph Capriati

One of our very first guests on the LWE decks, and one who will be blessing our very own Junction 2 Festival in June next year, is main man Joseph Capriati himself who in 2012 gave out one of the best mixes for us so far. The mix itself is a no-nonsense, banger-filled, and party-starting set that is energetic and thumping ever since the very first beats. Capriati masters the low-end of techno with a heavy-loaded bass and deep grooves, further showering listeners with reverberating synths, metallic, rolling percussions, and vocoded, dehumanised vocals. The mix is a techno masterclass that covers the whole spectrum of underground music with bangers such as Dustin Zahn’s and Rachel Palmer’s “Melange”, Len Faki’s edit of DJ Hyperactive’s “Wide Open” and Joseph Capriati’s own “Solar System” that have filled dancefloors and underground venues across the globe.


Mix 110

Charlotte de Witte

Fast-forwarding 6 years of boisterous events across the UK and over a hundred LWE mixes, we pause to reflect on the mix the fast-rising star Charlotte de Witte donned for us. Starting off with a melodic and melancholic techno beat, the set develops through thunderous kicks, ethereal string sections, distorted vocals, and scatty percussions, into Charlotte’s thumping and stripped back style of techno. Encroached by touches of acid here and there, the mix merged the old and the new of the techno scene, featuring the likes of Slam’s remix of Robert Hood’s “the Bond We Formed, 747’s “Cambrian”, and Charlotte’s de Witte’s own “Watching”, a terrifying beast of a tune that combines mesmerising, antagonistic vocals and Charlotte’s roaring kick and smashing percussions – definitely one that suits the Car Park well…

 Mix 118

Archie Hamilton b2b Rossko

One of our latest and most listened to mix was that of Arkityp, Archie Hamilton’s and Rossko’s project. Developed over many years of growing up together in the hotbed of East London’s scene, the project soothingly merges the soundscapes of these two outstanding artists into one eclectic concoction of sounds. Standing out from the set is Archie Hamilton’s “Wild Thing” that masterfully combines a groovy bassline, tribal percussions, bubbly synths, and a resounding kick. Yaar Kü’s “Yuki” is also a track on the mix that we cannot stop listening to with its broken beat, sinister string sections, its almost church-like vocals, and the overall jungly-feel that takes us to warmer times in these cold months


Mix 100



Finally, we conclude this series with one of our fondest memories to date; the 100th LWE Mix. For this one we couldn’t have chosen a better set than Skream’s 4 hour Car Park set at Acid Future. Ranging between lesser known and more acclaimed tunes of all eras, the set could be regarded as a masterclass on acid house, highlighting Skream’s in-depth knowledge of underground music despite his young age. Glaswegian underground stalwart Denis Sulta’s “A.A.S (Nite & Day Mix)” combining Smokey Robinson’s classic vocals with an acidy, groovy bassline and stripped back drumbeat is surely a standout track on this one. Going back to 1998, Charles B & Adonis’ “Lack of Love” is a blueprint of acid house of that decade and one we could dance to hours on end. Concluding the set, Disintegrate’s “Party People” is a gem of a tune that merges the old and new ends of house music, perfectly synthesising the whole focus of the night.

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