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LWE’s Favourite Anja Schneider Tracks


Ahead of the first Anja Schneider Invites show in London this October, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite Anja tracks. Here’s a look at some of the beats from recent times, and a few from the past; highlighting the different evolutions through sound she has gone through. These ones have been getting our toes twitching, and fists pumping…

Circle Culture – Anja Schneider (mobilee 149)
The mobilee bosswoman’s first EP of 2015 was well worth waiting for and much like her career, this track moves forwards with a perpetual and inspiring motion. Warm, dreamy and hypnotic, ‘Circle Culture’ has been an exquisite highlight of Anja’s set since debuting. It’s spine-tingling break sending collective shivers down the backs of dance floor occupants, especially those with a penchant for late ‘90s techno vibes.

Jimmy – Anja Schneider (mobilee 141)
This is a “Lovely-floaty-summer-boat-party-vibe-type-of-track!” It’s propeeling conga loop , sits so nicely against the haunting organ climax. Press play and feel the rays.

Dubmission – Anja Schneider (mobilee 130)
This one goes round and round in our heads, from all the time we spent listening to it whilst we were using it for the backing track of

Something Left for Me – Anja Schneider feat. Cari Golden

And going back five years // the midpoint into mobilee’s history, the soft reaching vocals of Cari Golden make this a great deep roller.

Something that’s for life – Anja Schneider & Cari Golden
Another one with the vocals of Cari Golden doing the magic…

Rio Bravo – Anja Schneider (mobilee 850)
Rio Bravo. Those two words do it all for this tribal infused rhythm.

And of course we had to give a shout out to this mix she did for one of the most recognisable voices in electronic music. Certainly one of our favourite essential mixes.