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LWE’s Favourite Bicep Tracks


Normally we do a top five, but this one has to be a top ten, due to the arsenal of dancefloor weapons that Bicep sit on. Here are a few ones to get those toes flexing a wee bit. This looks a little further back into their back catalogue, but it’s worth checking out their more recent FMB005 EP, as well as the Just EP on Aus.

Just as good at sunset or sunrise, this is the perfect Balearic beat to bring in to take things down a notch. Bicep & Hammer’s Dahlia.

And here’s one to take things up to a more pumping level.


We imagine this is what is what it would sound like if you fired lazer beams at Saturn’s rings.

This one’s been doing the rounds for more than a while now. It’s relentless, rough; and ready to take you to a higher place.

A nod of appreciation to the Roland Tr808

Can you feel it?

And a garagy one from the guys, for that summertime boogey

It’s without doubt one of the tracks that put these guys on the map for a lot of people. And although their sound has evolved since then, you can still hear that infectious and infinite sounding kick drum.