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LWE’s Skream Selection


Here’s a little selection of tracks we’ve put together from Skream, a pioneer, tastemaker and a lover of nocturnal culture. Well known for his roots in grime, garage and of course dubstep; Skream has always been open about his relationship to that movement, and his reasons for stepping away from it. Having always been a lover of techno and disco, Skream naturally moved into the realms of house music a few years ago and hasn’t looked back. Following a legendary residency at Xoyo at the start of the year, the eclectically programmed series showed just why he’s loved by fans from many genres. Here’s a look at some of the sounds we can relate to him from then and now…


Skream Boiler Room DJ set – December 2013.

I wonder how many times this one has been played in a smokey room. Or how many times it was played at The Black Sheep bar in 2005-2009. A classic track that helped define a movement.

An old skool feel on this rework he did for Cassius back in 2011. A lovely touch on a great original.

Check out this Documentary made by Thump in July that follows Skream from the nascent days of UK dubstep, through the worldwide rinsing process of brostep, to his current house-driven incarnation.