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Marc Houle


While the global EDM scene still debates the merits of ‘pressing play’, Techno veteran Marc Houle has been wowing audiences for over a decade with a live performance that is constantly evolving night after night, in city after city, at clubs and festivals worldwide. The skill and effort that goes into creating these truly live sets is the result of an entire lifetime dedicated to electronic music and a deep love of the machines that make it.  

Marc Houle has been wowing techno-lovers for over a decade by creating seminal records that not only helped define the minimal sound of the mid-’00s but went on to transcend it with releases on labels like Minus and Items & Things. Not only that, Marc has continued to experiment with synth pop sounds, and some lighter more space driven music.  Grab this free download and listen to the mix below for a different glimpse of the sound you might normally expect to hear from Marc Houle.

Listen to his incredible synth pop mix for I-D mag here…

Read this article on RA for an in-depth look into his deep connection with his machines, and the synths that have helped to define his sound.

“It’s like, how do you first like girls?” Marc Houle is trying to recall how he became interested in synthesizers. “When you were little you didn’t really care about them…and then at one point that’s all you thought about.”

Mark Houle plays Hot Since 82 – Knee Deep In London on April 9th