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Marco Faraone Studio


Marca Faraone, shows us around his studio.
Catch him at Drumcode Halloween this October at Tobacco Dock.

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“The legendary Roland TR-909 is definitely the main drum machine I use in about 90% of my productions, no other machine has the same sound and character, it’s simply unique. Of course in some of my raw jam sessions, I keep the original sound that comes out of the machine but I love to add some special effects or overdrives to modify the dynamics – to give my personality to the sound.”

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“The Moog Voyager cannot be compared to any other monofonic synth in my opinion. The sound has a real trademark and has so much ‘colour’. Every time I feel I can’t do anything more to a track, I switch on my Moog and instantly the ideas come flowing in a few minutes. I would say if you have a Moog you can do everything and anything!”

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“My Akai MPC 1000 is the sampler I started with making music with. The best for sampling my music and creating new jam grooves. I love the swing and the filter that this machine has, simply unique. You can even play an entire live set without using anything else but this. The most complete ‘portable studio’ you can take with you around the globe. Everywhere you go, you can make music with this.”


“Anyone who has a Roland SH101 knows how and why this piece of equipment is so important and unique in a studio. One of the most legendary synths ever created. I used it to create most of the bass-lines in every single record…..from house to techno to deep. Doesn’t matter. When I get up in the morning and I go to the studio, I make a coffee first and then switch on my SH101 :)”

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“This is how I create the most of my crazy melody and patterns. The doepfer dark time allows me to go out of the schemes and the static midi melody designed with my mouse. With this sequencer, you can write random and crazy sequences that you can only dream about! It makes everything more fun and unexpected. I can’t be in my studio without it.”

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