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Mark Jenkyns Interview



Ahead of his appearance for Paradise London this coming Saturday at Printworks, we sat down to chat to Hot Creations & VIVa affiliate and notorious party animal, Mark Jenkyns. Mark was also kind enough to run-down the Top 10 tracks that have been working for him on the dancefloor recently.

You’re heavily involved in both the Hot Creations and VIVa camps – how much of a positive influential have these connections had on your career? You must learn heaps from the guys.
Yeah, they have been massive from both sides. Richy, Jamie and Steve have been my long-term friends – I’ve known Richy since I was 11, I met Jamie in 2003 and Steve in 2004. They have all been massive influences on my career, from both a friendship point of view and professionally too. Obviously, I’ve spent more time with Jamie and Richy, but Steve has always guided me, given me advice on things, as well as a few “I told you so’s.” Whenever he advises me against things I always feel very fortunate to have him around me.

‘Class Lovers EP’ is out now on VIVa – tell us about the tracks and how you made them.
I’ve been chatting with Dakar for a while. He’s a really cool guy. We just started sending projects back and forward; tweaking parts as we went. This EP leans more towards a tech-house kind of style. I have played all the tracks many times and they go down really well.

You’ve been making music for years, but 2017 feels like the year everybody started to catch-on. Did this coincide with a particular change of production technique? Or increased studio time? Or…?
It’s a strange one really. People started to take notice a while back, but I took my foot off the gas. I also took some time out. My son came along and I went to university, which helped clear my head and gave me focus on what I wanted to achieve.

Your crew have a quite a reputation for partying hard – you must have a few stories to tell! Tell us one.
Tell you one? Hmmm, I think they all just roll into one! From my point of view, I’m a strong believer in energy. I read an article once that explained that people don’t like to break the chain at the party (i.e. leave) because of the energy that has been created. We don’t get to see each other a lot so we when we do, we just crack right on, so to speak! Partying is more than responsible for bringing us together in the first place, so we’re just paying our respects!

So Printworks on 25th Nov for Paradise. Have you been yet or will this be your first visit? Sticking around after your set for a boogie we presume?
Never been, so I’m properly looking forward to it. And, yeah, standard practice! I’ll be on the dancefloor!

“Been out for a while now, but always works a treat!”

“Cool, rolling tune, with plenty of groove!”

“I’ve been playing this all summer! It’s pretty heavy, with a mint chord stab.”

“I love everything Glimpse does! Always proper raw and bangin’!”

“This was the B-side on his Edible EP. I’ll probably play it for life.”

“More house vibes with this one!”

Everything this guy touches is heavy!”

Nice lil’ filter on this!

Always goes off in plenty of situations!

Have played this at the end a few times. Love it!