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Mathew Jonson Preview


The possibilities of dance music are infinite to the dancer. The DJ is the symbol who allows the action and enables those radical possibilities of pleasure and in general, the DJ is coveted for this. But the general web-enabled growth in glimpses behind the velvet curtain of club culture means that the art of DJing itself is now something greater and more relatable than it’s ever been; every reveller going can now sniff out whether or not they’re “really DJing” at all.



It’s not that audiences necessarily desire for DJs who push the boundaries of the form, the unstoppable rise of click-and-play EDM all stars in the States attests to that pretty strongly, but Mathew Jonson’s all-live live set-up is then perhaps a step forward in terms of demanding more from the crowd itself; in the knowledge that the DJ is erring closer to filling the role of a more traditional live musician the experience of listening to the music is altered, the idea that the sound itself is being shaped to match the reaction from the crowd creates something closer to symbiosis and unlike a regular live gig where the artist is generally limited by the constraint of having to work from a preordained set list Jonson is free to use his wide array of gear to push his sounds wherever he pleases.

His 2013 release for Crosstown Rebels “Her Blurry Pictures” was lauded (somewhat paradoxically) by XLR8R for “The fact that someone can dance to it is secondary”, his natural intuition as a classically trained musician and a background in jazz and improvised performance means that the while his records provide a heady, brainy swarm of ideas his live sets promise to bring the crowd right into the world he’s built in his head.

Catch one of Mathews enchanting live sets at Summer In The City – next month and check out this remix he did off Subb-An, which was released on Crosstown earlier this year…

LWE presents Summer in the City: Tobacco Dock
Saturday 9th August
12.00pm to 10.30pm

Groove Armada DJ Set
DJ Sneak
Lee Foss
Waze & Odyssey
Anja Schneider
Enzo Tedeschi
Mark d’Ground

Crosstown Rebels presents Rebel Rave
Damian Lazarus
Mathew Jonson LIVE
Clive Henry
Damian Oh
Wesley Razzy

Metro Area
Kate Simko
Social Disco Club
Krywald & Farrer

Advanced Tickets
1st Release: £27.50 + bf – SOLD OUT
2nd Release: £29.50 + bf – SOLD OUT
3rd Release: £35.00 + bf ON SALE NOW
4th Release: £39.50 + bf

VIP Tickets

1st Release: £50.00 + bf SOLD OUT
2nd Release: £65.00 + bf ON SALE NOW
– Dedicated VIP area & private cocktail bar
– Fast track entry & free cloakroom
– Separate toilets

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