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Matt Tolfrey & jozif Interview


We caught up with Kerb Staller, a new collaborative project from Matt Tolfrey and jozif. The guys will play at Tobacco Dock on New Year’s Day under this alias, and both will also play under their own names. Here’s what the guys had to say about Kerb Staller and how of the two came together to start making music. You can listen to their debut release below too.











You have known and collaborated with each other for years now. How did Kerb Stallar emerge and why now?

BOTH – We’ve been friends of a long time, but only delved into the studio environment about a year ago now.  We were both really busy with our own projects and lives, and after realising we only lived about 5 minutes walk from each other we talked more about getting in the studio together.  We were also doing a couple of pilot shows for Radio One at the time, and this led to us taking on a studio space in Hackney with Seth, and this led to the birth of Kerb Staller.

Kerb Staller can be translated as “pedestrians who halt pointlessly at traffic-free road crossings, holding up everybody behind them”. How does this refer to your joined sound?

MATT – Not only do we both absolutely despise being held up at any point in our lives, we both agreed that Kerb Stalling stops you dead in your tracks and makes you wait.  Not only have we made people wait for us to release music together, but we’re hoping it stops you and makes you take notice.
JOZIF –  Coupled with the fact we are both pretty fast moving, manic, inpatient people that some times we need ‘Stalling’ ourselves! 🙂

Four Fingers EP is the 50th release on Leftroom Would you consider it as a flagship, a trademark of Leftroom?

MATT – It was a great time to introduce Kerb Staller as Leftroom was also celebrating it’s 50th release.  The music suited the label, and Leftroom was as excited as we were about the new project.  The feedback has been great so far so, all the music has charted and been heavily supported by all our peers so we’re very happy.

JOZIF – The important thing for us is now is to get the album and the next few singles ready so we can find a home that suits as the music is quite varied in its tone and feel..

What is Kerb Stellar’s next move?

BOTH – Music, music, music.  We are still in the writing phase of our album, so we’re trying to get as much music done before the end of the year as possible.  We’ve hit a real productive period in the studio working with singer/songwriter Duncan Jones from the band Silverclub from Manchester, so we’re trying to keep the fire burning for as long as possible.  Its quite exciting for us as we’ve not really worked like this before with anyone else so to have all 3 inputs, coming from 3 pretty different backgrounds, influences & style means the music is taking on a totally different shape to what it have done individually

If you could describe your sound in 3 words what would it be…



The Past year has also seen celebrations of Culprit’s 5 years’ existence. You’ve  both have been involved in the label for a long time now and are part  of what is often being referred to as ‘Transatlantic Family’. What is so special for you about Culprit and why does it feel like a family?

MATT – I started playing for the Droog guys a long time ago at their Standard Rooftop parties and from then on in we’ve been great friends.  Whenever I was in the USA on tour I would also stay at their place the bunker in LA between weekends, and would do some professional ‘hanging out.’  A lot of ideas and advice was always shared between us, and I am really glad to of been a part of their 5 years.  Their 5 years has flown by faster than our 10 years, so either I’m getting old, or Tome is speeding up!!!

JOZIF – I had a very similar introduction to the Culprit guys at Matt, I did some shows with them and got really well with them so the logical progression was to release with them.  They’ve alwaYs been so accommodating with me when it comes to my music al direction , content and the curation of each EP, right now to the font on each release!


jozif, Four Fingers, after Rutka is the second EP you have released this  year. What is upcoming 2015 holding for you? Are you planning to be  equally busy?

JOZIF –  Its actually my 3rd as I released Part 1 of my Waikiki EP with Culprit back in October (part 2 is coming in Jan) Right now I’m just concentrating on our Kerb Staller stuff as I really feel this is something we can be proud of.  Ideally I’D like us to get to a point where we can tour the album Live.

Aside form that I’m trying to put the finishing touches my own artist album but that is more a labour of love and is constantly changing as the time goes on.

Matt, you recently took part in RA’S cycle to the ADE charity event and cycled 400 miles alongside a group of over 30 fellow DJs and industry specialists.  How do you recall this 4-day challenge?

MATT – The total length was actually more like 300 miles, and it was actually a 3 day challenge for me as I had to attend a funeral on day 2.  So I then had to do day 2 and day 3 together in 1 day.  I wouldn’t say it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, but it was extremely challenging and has inspired me to do more.  I am now a keen cyclist and have managed to keep that stone of that disappeared during my ride to Amsterdam!!!  It was a great feeling to know I managed to raise a lot of money for people less fortunate than me to get involved in music in South Africa.