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Max Cooper has mixed Balance 030


Max Cooper has mixed Balance 030. The Belfast-born electronic music artist has carved-out a niche for his ability to create highly immersive shows. By blending experimental visual content with his performance, Cooper stands-out by using technology to perform his music live. Those of you who were in attendance for his MESH/Aether live show last November will attest, we’re sure. The collaboration with Architecture Social club saw an audio-synced 3D light sculpture bedazzle ravers directly above their heads. It underlines the heights Max is willing to go to.

Never one to shy away from pushing boundaries, he makes music that refuses to be pigeoned-hole. It crosses the broad spectrum of electronic music, meandering in-and-out of the 4×4 format. A true believer in innovation, Cooper employs 4D soundsystems to enhance the listener experience. Always looking to stay ahead of the curve and keep things fresh, some of his techniques include using field recordings. Alongside his software instruments, this adds a more organic layer to his shows. With releases on imprints like Traum, Schallplatten and Herzblut, it was only a matter of time before an acclaimed mix series came calling.

Now Max Cooper has mixed Balance 030. It follows fresh on the heels of James Zabiela’s early 2018 entry, 029. Cooper approached the record as he would an album. Not locked-in a single tempo, the mix explores techno, house, breakbeat, D&B and more. Consisting of both new and old music, there are layers of binaural sound to be found. This will push the capabilities of your speakers or headphones to the maximum. The mix contains both older and recent material from Cooper’s back-catalogue, plus some unreleased tracks forthcoming on his label.

Listen to the preview below for a taste of what’s to come:

In the meantime, we’re anticipating Max putting on a hell of a show at Arcadia10 on Saturday 5th May. But you can register for his next dedicated London show coming later in 2018 here.

Balance 030 mixed by Max Cooper is released on 4th May 2018.