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Nocturnal Sunshine aka Maya Jane Coles


Few producers are able to hold down two aliases in there career, let alone simultaneously- maybe that’s what makes Maya Jane Coles a real artist and not a producer.

From classics originals such as What They Say which blew her into dizzy heights in 2010, or to remixes of Florence and The Machine, Maya Jane Coles has explored many nuances in electronic music and everything that falls inbetween. Using her own name it was very much under the house and techno umbrella, but Nocturnal Sunshine has allowed her to express, darker and bassier influences which bring in sounds similar to that of DMZ and Metal Headz.

Whatever the sounds, if there’s one stand out thing in her productions it’s the quality, and a perfection in the timing of her releases that makes everything feel so current. It’s this delicate balance that has become a consistent hallmark through both aliases.

It’s clear from her sound and back catalogue that Maya lives for the moment; her music express this and it’s always very now. Yet with echoes of nostalgia, nods to the parts and a futuristic realism she has always remained one step ahead of the game.

Nocturnal Sunshine brings a different vibe all together with some tracks suiting the vibe of plastic people around about 2007, and others merging influences from as leftfield as J-Pop. It’s something that can’t be put into a box.  The previously rarely used facade was reborn in 2015, as she released her critically acclaimed album, which was charted by all the expected music press.

More recently her It’s Alright EP, has ticket all the right sonic boxes.

Maya is also a powerhouse when it comes to her DJ sets so we’re really looking forward to the prospect of 2 DJ sets at Tobacco Dock on 12th March 2016. First up as her housier moniker Maya Jane Coles, whilst Nocturnal Sunshine will bring a more experimental and different vibe all together.  This will be Maya’s 2nd performance at Tobacco Dock, following on from NYD 2015, but the first time we’ll be treated to a Nocturnal Sunshine one. Stay tuned to find out the room splits for Bonobo presents Outlier, which will be released in the coming weeks.