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Mele Interview


Mele is a producer who has come along way as both a producer and DJ since he released his debut EP on Sounds of Sumo in 2009. His impeccable style of mixing and varied track selection have made him a favourite on dancefloors across the UK and beyond; and his skills on the buttons have seen him collaborate with no other than Kano.  The Liverpudlian’s got a lot more to give before 2013 is out, with a whole host of new material on the way, plus playing across the summer festival circuit.

What was your first release?
Was an EP I made about 4 years ago which came out on Sounds Of Sumo… Weird to listen to it now!

How did the track Beamer with Kano come about?
We had the beat for a long time and were just trying to find the right vocalist really. We approached Kano and he loved it. I’m always sending him beats… Hopefully we will work together again soon!

What have been the biggest influences on your style of production?
I’d say over the past year or so, guys like Rustie, Dub Phizix, Mickey Pearce, Champion –  Just guys who keep it really original. Something that sounds really weird but works good in a club is perfect for me.

Typical day in the studio?
Usually just sit around for an hour playing beats that I’ve been working on for the last few weeks and see what one I can start on. Listen to some new music I really like. I find buying new sample packs is really good for getting ideas rolling, so I’ve been doing that a lot lately.

When not in making beats what do you spend most of your time doing?
Playing Xbox, I have an unhealthy obsession with FIFA right now. I spend a lot of time on Serato mixing as well and planning my sets for the weekend.

What’s the best party you’ve played at recently?
I did a warehouse party in Newcastle with Skream a few weeks ago which was really good! I think there was about 800 people in there and it was rammed from the beginning. Also David Rodigans nights are always a good buzz.

Any forthcoming releases you can tell us about, or other projects?
I’m just finishing my first release for digital sound boy. Trying to make a lot more music this year. Planning my “Mele Vanele Vol 2” too, I did the first volume last year and it went down really well. Just taking things as they come!

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A few different things I think. I wanted to be a sound engineer for a while then went to college and realised it wasn’t really for me!

If you could make a track with anyone who would it be?
Probably Jadakiss or Cam’ron. I listened to their albums constantly when I was younger and still do now.

Playing at any festivals this summer?
Doing Glastonbury, Parklife, Wakestock, Lovebox, Global Gathering etc … I can’t wait!