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Mike Servito is one of those people you look at and instantly know he is fun. You can pretty much some him up with the following words, well this is how he would describe himself!

“Acid Trax. Bass in your face. Dirty bleeps. Deep cuts. Party bombs. Jack.”

And that’s exactly the type of fire he brought to the Numbers party at The Hydra in December 2015, and plenty more qwerks in his Boiler Room below.

“Mike Servito is from a very special yet temporary and partially lost fertile crescent of techno / house / party DJing. It was a time when raves were still a fresh idea, almost felt like a revolution, and DJs like Claude Young, D Wynn, Derrick Carter and Mike Huckaby were informing an upcoming generation. If you look directly to that inspired generation you will find the lost threads of Detroit Techno, House and beyond, you will find a group of DJs with insanely deep mixing skills, the ability to rock almost any kind of party with an improvisational approach that is so skilled it makes everything seem so well thought out that even they don’t know where their set will go. But, it will take you there! In the future, this special generation of deep midwest mixers will be remembered and revered as the wizards they are, long after the trendy players have lost their luster.”

Check out Mike Servito’s Acid Trax playlist here and catch him with us and Hot Since 82 at Knee Deep In London this April. He’ll be joining Heidi in the Jackathon arch! Let’s shake some dust off those bridges!