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mobilee records Preview


With the next installment of Cocoon on the horizon, here’s a little preview of what you can expect from the second room, which mobilee will be hosting at Building Six on 22nd March. The label are committed to redefining the landscape of electronic music through their music, agency and infamous parties.

Having harnessed the talents of Rodriguez Jr., Ray Okpara, Sebo K as label artists, they were also massively important in the rise of Berlin outfit Pan-Pot, and have also released the like of Maya Jane Coles, Shonky, Hector and many more. Leaving no rock unturned musically the diverse nature of each mobilee release has made them difficult to pigeonhole to one sound.

Launching back in 2005 and quickly established itself as one of the brightest stars within Berlin’s glittering galaxy of labels, and it’s still continuing this legacy today.  Pushing the sounds of the label with incredible off-location parties around the globe, you’re just as likely to find one on a soaring hotel rooftop as you would in a sweaty warehouse or urban riverside beach.

beach image

With each releases pushing the boundaries between house and techno they’ve built up a diverse fan base that delves each corner of both genres. Consistently releasing EPs that have become staples in the record bags or many DJs, and with that they are pressing the sounds of mobilee in all of the world’s best clubs.  Stylistically there is no particular hallmark that would be defined as ‘mobilee’, the stand out characteristic has been in surprise we’ve come to expect from each release. Aspiring to be much more than a creator of simple big room DJ tools, mobilee aims to publish music full of finely tuned hooks and hypnotic depths to create tomorrow’s classics.




All held together by the forward-thinking philosophy of label founders Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann their obsessive attention to detail has allowed them to create the ultimate package. Not satisfied with just churning out dancefloor fillers, or putting on cutting edge parties, the artwork style and production on all levels has been carefully curated. Each piece of wax is nicely wrapped up with that typical mobilee finesse with Pilar Zeta’s artwork on each sleeve helping to create that unique mobilee look.




To those of you that made it down to Tobacco Dock on NYD (and those brave enough to make it to the after hours), you’ll know that Anja has an enchanting hold over the crowd with her rugged yet soft slant on house music. Carefully holding down the balance between the rough and punchy, there is a continuous melody that embraces a wide palette of sounds.

We’ve got 2 mixes from the head honchos for your aural pleasure…

050 LWE Mix – Ralf Kollmann by Lwe on Mixcloud


046 LWE Mix – Anja Schneider (Live from Tobacco Dock) by Lwe on Mixcloud

LWE presents
Cocoon London
Saturday 22nd March: 9pm to 6am
Building SIX, The O2 Peninsula Square, London, SE10 OAX

1. Cocoon
Sven Vath
Tim Green

2. Cocoon vs mobilee
Timo Maas
Anja Schneider
Ralf Kollmann

with support from:
Damian Oh

Tickets : £15 – £25 +bf