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Monika Kruse


Monika Kruse is a techno DJ and producer who also runs the labels Electric Avenue and Terminal M. from her current base in Berlin. Trained as a classical pianist, Monika’s musical journey soon took her to house music, and before long she was inspired to throw illegal raves in World War II bunkers, trams and empty houses. While electronic music has moved on since those days; Monika still keeps that ‘Can Do’ and ‘Do It Yourself mentality that is present amongst many of her generation.

“My ethos is ‘sweat with a smile, she says. “I give love to my audience, and they give it back. LOVE – it’s the best thing in the world. My aim is to help people forget whatever is going on in their life and have a little holiday – just get lost in my music.”

Having learnt her craft in this way, putting on parties, DJ at parties, it wasn’t long before Monika reconnected with her love for the piano, and it wasn’t long before she began making music more actively.

Monika has not tried to influence others simply with just her music, but has tried to stand up against adversity, xenophobia, divisions and hate with the charity she founded called ‘No Historical Backspin.’  Founded in 2000, the charity has tried to stand up for the rights of homosexuals and victims of racism and other forms of prejudice

Her aim has been to connect electronic music more closely with these groups, and stand together to fight their cause; a sentiment which feels close to the hearts of many on dancefloors across the globe.

Her charity work, like her DJing and production, is an expression of Monika’s faith in the transforming power of music. “It was my first love,” she says. “Music was my best friend. It never let me down. In good times music was there and in bad times music was there.”

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