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Mr. G Interview


We caught up with Mr. G a veteran of London’s house scene – He has lived through all the trends, stuck to his guns, and has a strong connection to his roots. He will be bringing in 2013 along with us and the Jaded family at Factory 7 in Shoreditch, alongside other headliners Nina Kraviz, and Raymundo Rodriguez.

So, Mr. G thanks for taking the time to talk to us, what have you been up?
Busy on the road doing ma thang, and lots of new productions and remixes mixed down at The Heights!

How did you first get into making music?
KCC. Big thanks to Keith Franklin, Cisco Ferreira, Interchange Studios in Kentish town. From there… Notting Hill Carnival- one off the biggest and best sounds, which Keith and Mel still do.

When sat in the studio, what are the first steps you take when starting a new track?
Relax with a glass of rum and have fun…whatever happens happens!

What have been the biggest influences on your style of DJing and Production?
New York house… Great mixers back in the day, locking records on the 1210 and painting new pictures in the mix, clubs like Shelter had to be heard and seen to be believed.

What’s your typical day?

Weekday: Up at 8, hour and half of fitness then breakie then of to the studio till 6. Home to cook dinner drink more rum and listen back to my work (if any), then bed!
Weekend: On the road spreading the skool a hard funk.

When you’re not in the studio or behind the decks what do you like to do?

Walking, Pilates, Pottery and more music.

In your opinion, what’s the best country to play in?
Hands down Japan, I learnt my art there, they give you so much freedom to perfor. You can learn sooo much about who you are there – trust me!

What is your best memory as a DJ?

Wow there are many!!! Playing Melange in Ganton Street West End brings back some great ones. Picture this… Nice posh club- we bring in a reggae sound system with ever heavy Mark and the rocking Crew, KCC and LTJ Bookem are residence with guests like Mr May, Mr Hawtin, Mr Saunderson etc playing for £80. Smokers corner tuned of course.

Any upcoming releases or other projects you want to talk about?

Nu Bass Culture ep. Nu Phoenix G with a crazy Ben Sims remix, my remix for Ben Sims, Another remix on Saints and Sonnets. Ahhhh man, I’m just constantly learning my art life!



















LWE and Jaded present
NYE & NYD 2013
8pm to 2pm

Shoreditch Warehouse and Cable

** Limited Capacity Event **
Nina Kraviz
Mr. G
Raymundo Rodriguez