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Native Instruments : The Future of Sound


Native Instruments have pioneered DJ and studio technologies since 1996. We’re delighted to announce they’ll be hosting a demonstration room at LEAF 2015. As well as artist demos on Maschine, Traktor Kontrol S8 and more; there will be some leading product designers showing the functionality of these high-tec bits of kit. We’ll leave some of the artist demos as a surprise for now, but here’s what is in store…

Native Instruments_19_11_ 2014_054_© Ruthe Zuntz


MASCHINE 2.2 Deep Integration with KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series

Senior Product Designer, Tim Adnitt, reveals the deep integration between MASCHINE 2.2 and KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards.

Native Instruments’ have made a big step forward in studio integration with an update to their MASCHINE Groove Production studio, and KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards.

The latest MASCHINE 2.2 software adds advanced keyboard functionality within the MASCHINE environment, bringing your synths and samples to life. Simply select your scale and start playing melodies on MASCHINE’s 16 ultra-sensitive pads that are always in key. Engage Chord Mode and play chords directly into your compositions. Scales, chords, and arpeggios are also displayed across the keyboard’s Light Guide™. See the colour of your sounds in MASCHINE directly on the keyboards, and get perfectly-mapped parameters instantly with Native Map™; giving you a hardware experience with the ultimate power and diversity of software.

After this Hip Hop producer and MASCHINE finger drummer, Toose Kreichgauer (aka No Name), takes to the stage to explain his MASCHINE workflow. See how he takes compositions from studio to stage and see him in action alongside MC Delta Lima.

Native Instruments_19_11_ 2014_011_© Ruthe Zuntz


Easy Re-Edits in Traktor

Native Instrument’s Product Specialist, Owain Wilson takes you through the very simple steps to creating edits of music in your library using Traktor and the Remix Decks. Find out how to reorder sections of an existing song, remove annoying sections altogether and then add an Acapella, all without any extra software or studio expertise.

Stay tuned for more announcements.


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