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Om Unit Interview


Shogun Audio are firmly cemented as one of the UK’s most well respected and established bass music labels. Releasing quality music, whilst reaching out to fans with label nights, from large-scale events to the more intimate showcases they always book the most sought over acts. Following up the success of their last warehouse party in October, they have again provided a lineup with some of the scenes most innovative acts. Meet Om Unit, who will provide a perfect marriage of deeper sounds and bass heavy party music. With elements of his tracks sounding similar to early grime, combined with an infusion of classic drum n bass parts; making him an interesting player within post dubstep. Catch him at the next Shogun Audio warehouse party on 26.04.13.


Your sound bridges the gap between grime, drum n bass and dubstep how would you say it’s evolved since you first broke onto the scene?
Those would be reference points for sure. I’d say my style has evolved technically into something a little more “me” if you will.

What have been the biggest influences on forming this unique style of production?

Probably listening to DJ mixes, playing out more. I think I’ve got into the idea of mixing music for club systems a little more, but then not 100 percent. Some stuff is more headphones, it depends on the track really. I like to pull from certain aesthetics and stitch ideas together, some tunes are an amalgamation of ideas from sketches like that too.

It’s always good to see a producer that makes deeper tracks, can we expect a deeper vibe from your set at the Warehouse party?
Party. That’s the word right? I like to play varied sets but ultimately I’m in front of you as a DJ, so I take that stance. But yes I definitely play slightly towards the more shadowy side of electronic music, uptempo more though because I think people need shaking up a little bit. If I had it my way we’d all be dancing to ambient music and DJ Stingray records and such.

What are you most looking forward to about playing at the forthcoming Shogun Audio Warehouse party at The Great Suffolk Street warehouse?

New tracks by myself, Sam Binga, Fracture, Moresounds, and Danny Scrilla.

Any forthcoming releases of projects you can tell us about?
Om Unit x Sam Binga – Small Victories EP (forthcoming on Exit)


Describe your typical studio session?
Tea and fags and heavy breathing through the nose

When not in the studio what do you spend most of your time doing?
Sleeping and watching films with the missus probably

What has been your best experience as a DJ?
Probably playing in Vancouver at the Waldorf Hotel. That gig was special… sadly the Waldorf is being knocked down and the plot turned into condos.

To you what is the most iconic bit of album/EP artwork ever?
I really can’t answer that, I have so many records that it’s hard to choose. And also the digital side we’re missing that identifier slightly. Good question, but I suck at being a fan.