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Ones to watch in 2014


With the worst month almost out of the way, here are the names that we are tipping for good things in 2014.  A couple of names you are likely to be familiar with, and a few you might have heard of; ALL are definitely worth a listen or two.

Mano Le Tough

Hailing from a small coastal village in Dublin, Niall Mannion like many in the past and present, moved out to Berlin for an electronic music producers pilgrimage.  His distinctive blend of light and dark elements have given his tracks a floaty nostaligic feel that is best expressed in one of his gripping DJ sets. MLT’s mixes are on constant shuffle here at LWE HQ.



In an era where vocalists come and go like a common cold, Javeon’s talent shines through as someone with some real substance. Having performed at our New Year’s Eve event just gone, he has all the necessary qualities to go far – an interesting and amazing voice. R&B influenced vocals over garage and bass music to some have been overdone a little over the last 18 months, however it’s rarely done with this much originality.  Releasing with of the labels of the moment in the form of PMR, you can be sure Javeon will be infecting our airwaves throughout 2014 and beyond.

Listen to:




Andhim are ahead of the game at the moment when it comes to compiling a variety of eccentric sounds into their productions. Combining all the thrills of modern day production techniques with older sounding organs, and rough guitar rifts has given their tracks a standout qwerkiness.  Like Mano Le Tough we are fully absorbed in the office, and have worked our way through their mixes countless amounts of times. Already a firm favorite in the crates of the best DJs, it won’t be long before the duo from Cologne are a name on everyone’s lips.

Download this track for free:


Eagles & Butterflies

Working on the boundaries of house and techno and with years of production under his belt, ex DJ agent, Chris Barratt, realised that his passion was making music and DJing rather than selling DJs and made the move to the White Isle to follow his heart. Making music is not only his passion, more like his calling with unbelievable tracks full of groovy basslines and fresh sounding vocals.  He provided the soundtrack for our NYD video and is currently holed up in his Ibiza studio for the winter as he prepares to unveil a load of new material that he’s been working on.




Enzo Tedeschi

One of the nice guys on the circuit, whose fanbase in London is spreading gig by gig. Founder of his own print No-Attitude, Enzo brought his distinctive sound to both rooms at Tobacco Dock, controlling the crowd with each beat. With over 20 years experience playing at, and putting on his own parties he and his label have really picked up momentum over the last 6 months. He’ll be supporting Maetrik on the 23rd February- expect to hear someone that’s get a real grasp of controlling the crowd with low end subwoofer sounds.

Check out his set live from Tobacco Dock




A relatively unknown production duo from South London, but with some real essence in what they are doing, and how they are putting it together.  Finding the balance between analogue driven production, and computing techniques to carefully build tracks layer by layer has given them a textured organic sound.  Vocalist Nick Smith’s words are carefully manipulated throughout their forthcoming album “UR”, complementing the raw samples that their sound embraces.

Go listen to Holidays for a taste of what to expect from their debut album “UR” – forthcoming on Ki Records on March 10th, 2014.



Mark d’Ground

Mark d’Ground has been a resident DJ for LWE for some years now, and having recently got in the studio himself, we are excited to hear what he’s been up to. A cultured DJ Mark’s ability and knowledge within house & techno has given him a supreme edge over the dancefloor, and the versatility to fit in on a variety of lineups. The master of the warm up he knows how to set the tone perfectly on every occasion, and you can be sure he’ll be competing for those headliner slots soon…