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Opiuo Interview


When not rocking out crowds across the world with his concoction of bass fueled madness, Oscar (AKA Opiuo) doesn’t mind relaxing with some pasta and a fine wine. Just about to embark on an extended European tour, we are lucky enough to have him in London at the KOAN Sound curated warehouse party; 28th March at The Crucifix Lane Warehouse. Find out a little bit more about a producer who is spiraling upwards across the globe.









So you are just about to start your 5 week European tour, where are you most looking forward to reaching?

The fans, old and new. Playing somewhere for the very first time, and returning somewhere for the second time have just as much excitement for me. I know London, Paris and Exeter were personal favourites previously, so they are high on my list to shake again.

Out of all the European cuisines what is your favourite type of food?!

What is European cuisine? Haha. I love the shit out of so much food. It’s my second favourite thing to do. Eat. Lucky I have fast metabolism and don’t get fat. I do like good pasta with good wine.

What are you most looking forward to about playing at the forthcoming KOAN Sound curated warehouse party?

The lineup reeks with awesomeness. Playing in a warehouse (my most favourite and loosest ever shows have been in warehouses). Also… London peeps are such fun animals with great taste.

Any upcoming releases or projects you can tell us about?

I have a remix album about to drop featuring 7 amazing remixes of my music by other epic electronic producers on the 11th March through Addictech Records.

Peep the video here:

And right now I am in the middle of writing my next full length album (I’ll feature a tonne of my new album at the show – that’s for sure.)

When not in the studio what do you spend most of your time doing?

Riding motorbikes. Hanging with my favourite peoples. Buying art. Thinking about the next time I write music…

To you what is the most iconic bit of album/EP artwork ever?

Pink Floyd – The Wall. I don’t know why, but to me it seems like if ever there was a cover I will remember for ever, it’s that.

What’s your favorite country to play in and why?

That’s hard, every country has their interesting shit going on. In the last 12 months I’ve played throughout 4 of the 6 continents on our planet! Crazy adventures were had, and lots of mentally inspiring people met. I guess recently nothing beats playing in my current home country of Australia. It’s been a great summer!

Also, when I first fell in love with electronic music 14 years ago, my dream was to always head to London and play music. I’d go to sleep thinking about it. I guess now I’m living that dream touring throughout Europe and hitting these spots.

Most memorable experience whist DJing?

Guy stage diving off the rafters hitting the stage and wiping out everything on the table, killing the music. Then the whole crowd starting singing “Robo Booty”. I didn’t even know it could be sung! Never forget that. Forgot the venue though, woops.

Musically what have been the biggest influences on your style of production?

Noisia have always been a force to compare myself with, and have tried to hit their amazing mark. Tipper, Spor, and a bunch of other more bass heavy producers have been great to be inspired by too. Often though, I don’t listen to anyone else, and try let it flow from inside my twisted head. Splattering it out on the listeners of the world.