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Our 100th LWE Mix – Skream


We’re happy to have reached our 100th Mix, and thanks for all of those that have listened in via our Mixcloud or website.

We’re marking the occasion with one of the most talked about sets from any party we’ve ever put on; Skream’s set in the Car Park at Acid Future. Recorded a year ago today, we thought there couldn’t be a better day to release it on other that 8/08…

Acid Future turned out to be one our favourite parties with an amazing crowd, vibe, great decor and a brilliant soundtrack to boot. With Seth at the helm you knew it was going to be bonkers and brilliant all at the same time. Skream’s 4 hour set in the Car Park was one of those sets that people will remember for a long time. It went through all the eras and featured the best acid house from back in the day. Our lighting guy for that room, Pat Murphy, is a connoisseur of acid house and couldn’t believe someone of his (Skream’s) age could have such an in depth knowledge of music.


Having hit 100 mixes, we relaunch by making all the future mixes available for direct download and via a Soundcloud account we’ve just launched, as well as streaming on our Mixcloud channel.

Listen to Skream’s two and a half hour mix of pure class on your chosen platform.

Soundcloud (Download also available)