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Our Top 5 Numbers Tracks


Ahead of Numbers’ annual warehouse party, we’ve picked out some of our favourite tracks from the label. Hard to pidgeonhole to one sound, you can still hear a synergy between each release, and that typical numbers hallmark which is stamped with quality. Representing the best in the UK sound, the label have harnessed the talents of UK house, techno, bass, and garage sounds, and everything that falls in between.


Kornel Kovacs – Radio Koko Sampler

Adesse Versions – Pride

Rustie – Slasherr

Deejay Deer – Unnatural (from ‘Nature’)

Soohie – Hard

Numbers LDN: Return To The Warehouse
5th December 2015
23:00 – 07:00
Studio Spaces E1
Unit 2, 110 Pennington Street, London, E1W 2BB