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Pan-Pot head to Wapping


Following two breathtaking performances at Tobacco Dock, Pan-Pot return to get things popping in Wapping, but this time they’ll be over the road at Studio Spaces and bringing Second State to London.

Riding high off the success of their hugely well-received album, and with Second State continuing to blossom, there is nothing stopping Pan-Pot’s irresistible sound. This March Tassilo and Thomas are teaming up with LWE & The Hydra to bring Second State to Studio Spaces. Joining them will be artists associated with the label and some special guests.

Pan-Pot’s creative flair is represented in their amazing productions that pour out of their studio but it’s Pan-Pot’s manipulation of these tracks live that really show the level of their talent. Once you are locked into their infectious, hypnotic flow, they seemlessly blend the rough with the smooth; and have an innate ability to devastate any dance floor.

Studio Spaces is one of London’s most revered underground dance spots, with party people making the pilgrimage from far and wide to be enveloped in it’s huge Funktion One sound system. This two room venue is the perfect home for Second State alongside The Hydra’s carefully curated program.

Tickets released today