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Pan-Pot Interview


We spoke to Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix, the DJs that make up the techno duo Pan-Pot. In the last decade they have developed a dominant presence in the electronic dance music scene, with an ascension paralleling very few that have come before or since. Being Berlin based we decided to ask them about their experiences and opinions of London so far.



Can you remember your first gig in London? How was it?
– Tassilo: We played at “The End” for Miss Jools Clandestine party. It was a pure insanity. We played a Live, Decks & EFX set for our album tour. At one point there were only hot girls in front of us who started to get topless.


What’s your favourite thing about London?
– Tassilo: The whole city has a great and very unique vibe and my favorite thing is that we count a lot of people who live there as our close friends.

– Thomas: The Bakerstreet 221b and all the black cabs I love.


Describe London in three words?

– Tassilo: Stress. Beauty. No-sleep.

– Thomas: Avoid. Rush. Hour.


Any nice bars, restaurants or other places you guys like to hang out at, when not behind the decks?
– Thomas: I love Fish and Chips but I can’t name a place. Do you have any good idea where I could go?

– Tassilo: The good life eatery.


What’s been your best moment behind your decks in the city?
– Tassilo: When we had our X-tour date with LWE in a warehouse, the crowd got so into it, it felt like we all melted together.

– Thomas: I’m totally agree with Tas but I love also the after-hours in London, especially the private ones.


As you were growing up, were you influenced by the music scene in London?

– Tassilo: The Prodigy?!


Why do you think London is an important part of the clubbing scene still?
– Tassilo: There are only few cities in the world where we can feel the spirit and understanding for electronic music as much as in London.

– Thomas: And London (and the UK in general) has always been known for having the most creative and innovative artists. There is so much happening, which is exciting and great to see.


One thing you would change about London?
– Thomas: Better, direct roads to the airport. Or maybe we should try the Express train the next time.


Any tracks that remind you of London?
– Thomas: I don’t know why but Pet Shop Boys – “Go West.”


We know you’re Bayen Munich fans, what do you think of London’s football teams?
– Thomas: Well, Tassilo is. Actually we do hear about Arsenal a lot because Per, Mesut and Poldi also play there. I wish them a great season!

– Tassilo: Does London have any football teams? Just kidding, maybe Arsenal – Munich in the CL league final?






—Saturday Daytime 7th March – LEAF Club
12.00pm to 10.30pm

The Great Hall – LWE

Tale Of Us
Enzo Tedeschi
Chris Liebing
Anja Schneider

The Car Park – Second State

Stephan Hinz (Live)
Clint Stewart
+ special guest Modeselektor (DJ Set)

The Loft – Sunday Best’s 20th Birthday Bash

DJ Harvey
Rob da Bank

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 21.18.17