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Pan-Pot Preview


Following the success of their Second State debut in London, Pan-Pot return to a new venue this Autumn, for an extended set at iCan Studios. With support to be announced we thought we’d bring you up to speed on what the guys have been up to as the summer season comes to an end.



Pan-Pot talk about how the concept of the DJ set is shifting, and the changing relationship new music has with their crowd due to new online listening habits.

In the video below the duo talk of their love of playing vinyl, and the progression of technology in DJing and what this means for improved originality in their performances. Live remixing of tunes through sets and the use of Traktor has changed the way the guys DJ, and offers endless possibilities for each track.

“It used to be like having this one record, and maybe you were the only person in your whole surrounding who had this record. So people were coming to your gig to hear your record, but now people can access the music almost anywhere.”

Watch the video here:


Here is what Adam Beyer had to say about Pan-Pot, as he introduced them on his 212th Drumcode radio show, which went live on 28/08/14

There are “djs” and then they are “DJs”… and Pan-Pot are ending up in the later category. Meaning- you can really tell when those guys are on the decks. They have the charisma; they have the “DJ it factor.”

They play great music, they are always transmitting their energy, they’re fun, they have a lot of creativity behind the decks. AND they love it!

I’ve always been a big fan myself and remixed Pan-Pot back in the days! We are quite similar in tastes and approach to music and I always enjoy listening to them… so therefore naturally I have invited for them to do another Drumcode takeover today- so here is Pan-Pot for the next hour please enjoy.”


Listen to the radio show here:

DCR212 – Drumcode Radio Live – Pan-Pot Studio Mix by Adam Beyer on Mixcloud


LWE / Pan-Pot – Extended Set
Friday 10th October 2014
10pm to 6am
Ican Studios

35 Monier Road,
Hackney Wick, E3 2PR

Advanced tickets on sale now: