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Paul Woolford


Leeds native Paul Woolford has produced music under more aliases than the average DJ, transferring across genres like jungle, hardcore, house, and techno. You may know him as Bobby Peru, Skip Donahue or Hip Therapist, as a kind of DJ double agent. Having these aliases allows him to be unconstrained by the traditional genre shackles that many artists face. More recently he has been able to reinvent himself yet again, by dusting off moniker Special Request, allowing him to venture back to some of his jungle roots.

In 2015 he signed to independent record label XL Recordings who have artists like Adele, Tyler the Creator, M.I.A., and Radiohead on their books. While these varied artists may seem like an odd combination, XL Recordings was founded on hardcore artists like The Prodigy, making it feel like home to Paul.

Paul Woolford’s releases, when separated into genres and aliases, make it seem like a manageable body of work. But when you realise that he has created and produced it all, it morphs into an eminent career that is unlikely to be replicated in terms of its scale and quality, in the DJ-ing community.

One of his most well known EP’s, Erotic Discourse was a standout soundtrack to summer 2014 and prompted his Space Ibiza sets and music revival to an audience that may not have been familiar with his previous work. It has a pummelling base that bounces right through your gut and is punctuated by techno and electronic tones that build and drop, leaving you wondering what just happened.

Another successful EP Mother and Child, released this year (2016), has a more delicate sound, featuring strings and hi-hats that perpetuate a mellower feeling. Paul is certainly not stingy on the drops, though, with one, halfway through the track, that without a doubt gets an audience’s attention, when played live at venues and festivals around the globe.

Festivals and live sets are what Paul has been doing for a substantial amount of time, and it shows in the flexibility and technique of his production and confidence. Although this is made easier by having different name’s which allow him to maintain his influence and creativity, not just in dance and house music, also Jungle. Having recently said that it is difficult to play a mixture of genres in one set without alienating crowds, he acknowledged that the UK is better than most, at accepting variety within sets. Giving him the freedom to pick and choose from his complete discography.

You can expect an electric set from Paul and one that demonstrates just how much incredible uniqueness he brings to the scene.