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Proxy Interview


We’ve just announced the warehouse party for Feed ME as being in one of London’s best warehouse venues – iCan Studios. This will be a rare chance to see one of Russia’s greatest producers – Proxy. Spearheading an audio assault with a dark and industrial inspired sound, his music is not for the faint hearted; guaranteeing to destroy a dancefloor. Here’s a quick interview  with the man himself.


Following on from the massive success that you have had with your recent release 10,000 release, we couldn’t help but notice the amazing video. Where did all that old school footage come from?
I just thought it was time to show the same power and aggression with imagery in a different way. 10,000 reminds me of the power of space rockets etc so I had the idea of celebrating the space race back in the 50’s and 60’s. The footage was just gathered together from old clips of Yuri Gagarin and iconic elements of the first space rockets taking off in Russia. I love the power of machines and always been fascinated by that.

We’ve just seen that you have put up the new track Iron – How long have you been working on that one for?
Iron came to me recently. I was talking to a friend about the dying industries in Russia and thought of the old production lines an machines. I pictured a bunch of robots putting cars together for it. It took me three days to write and finish. When I get the groove, things fall into place very quick for me. Getting the groove right is the tough bit. Without the groove, you have nothing. I always get the groove before I release anything.

Proxy Interview

If we were to walk into your studio right now, what would we see?
My Electronic hammer and Sickle in-between a mountain of monitors. My studio is my life. Without my studio I am nothing. I spend all of my time in here.

I have a collection of vintage synths that are not made anymore. My favourite is a vintage Polivoks that nobody can get anymore. That thing starts the riot.

A short film was made about me and my studio obsession recently here. How my surroundings influence my sounds:

Proxy – What is My message:

What are you most looking forward to about playing at the Feed Me warehouse party in June?
I have been a big fan of Feed Me for a long time. The guy is a great producer and knows how to sling his whole image vibe to his music too. I am looking forward to playing with him and checking his show. Also being in a proper warehouse event is where I thrive. I have not been to London for over a year so looking forward to this.

What has been you best memory behind the decks that sticks out for you?
I guess there are many but one thing that always gets me is the way many of my fans in Europe started this kind of ‘sit down’ thing when Raven comes on. They sit there until the drop and then jump up and go crazy. When you see like 2000 people at a festival do that its pretty special.

 Plans for the rest of the summer?
Writing more music. I have a USA tour coming in August so looking forward to that and other various dates and festivals in summer.

Any other forthcoming projects, releases or other collaborations that you can tell us about?
There is something pretty special coming up that I can’t announce just yet but pretty excited about it. Also more productions. Gonna be heavy!


LWE & Spectrum presents

Feed Me DJ Set
Zane Lowe
Show N Prove
Pete Spectrum
Dirtbox Live

10pm – 6am
iCan Studios
35 Monier Road, E3 2PR London

Advanced Tickets £12.50 – £20

In association with mixcloud