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Punk Floyd Interview


London Underground United returns on Saturday 23rd November 2013 to provide another monumental evening of pure undiluted rocking sounds like never seen before.  In our continuing quest to bring you the most cutting edge ideas, we have found an amazing warehouse space that brings the true spirit of subversive party culture into focus, where we can direct all our energy and production into one massive area for a 10 hour journey through Techno, Acid and beyond for an intoxicating trip across sonic landscapes, shaking the capital’s foundations with annihilating rhythms. LUU caught up with Punk Floyd ahead of the event to ask them a few questions…


London Underground United on November 23rd will be your first gig in London for a long time, and a righteous homecoming after your storming show at Boomtown this year.  What can we expect from Punk Floyd back in the capital?

DDR: Flying pigs, lasers, fat basslines, screaming 303’s and a silly hat.


You are known for your stadium rocking performances all over the world; will your setup be the same in the massive warehouse space we have lined up?

DDR: We have managed to condense our usual 3 truck touring rig down to a suitcase and a couple of laptop bags, so expect an awe inspiring show.


We are aware of some hotel trashing stories about the band (and tour management pulling their hair out), what has been the most rock and roll situation you have been in?

CHRIS LIBERATOR: We had one of our legendary after parties once at a hotel in Vegas that went on for 3 and a half months without stopping (well that’s what we heard, we left after 20 minutes as we were a bit tired)… I pulled all my hair out after that one when we received the hotel bill, which is why I don’t have any.


Individually, Chris Liberator, DDR and The Geezer are all legends from London’s underground scene, collectively you made up the world’s first Acid Techno supergroup, how did this come about?

DDR: I can’t remember most of the 90’s but I’m pretty sure it happened then.


‘3 Day Illegal Rave Party From Hell’ and ‘Floyd As Fuck For The Y2K’ are seminal hits on the squat party scene, have you got any plans to write some new material?

CHRIS LIBERATOR: New single coming soon and some reworks of old tracks, and hopefully some co-productions with THE QUEENS OF LEON and KINGS OF THE STONE AGE who’ve both been heavily influenced by us, and of course, writing like mad for our next concept album which will come in a gatefold sleeve that opens out into a tent.


Some legendary rockers ask for freshly cut white flowers in their dressing rooms or brandy glasses filled with blue M&M’s, what do you have on your rider?

THE GEEZER: Tap dancing Walnuts.

DDR: Fois gras, panda paws, dolphin placenta pâté.

CHRIS LIBERATOR: Toilet paper.


There were rumours of serious legal threats from the original Pink Floyd, after which you had to gather all known footage of yourselves and place in a pile, vomit on and then ignite with propane…  How do you feel about these old blokes chasing you down?

DDR: Well, this whole situation has been widely misunderstood. It was actually us who sued Pink Floyd! To quote from the NME (August 2004):

” The ongoing super-trial of Punk Floyd (Smitten Frenzy Ltd) Vs Pink Floyd (Harvest Records / EMI Ltd) took a dramatic turn today at the Old Bailey when the Justice Sir Norman Broadwell declared:

“Whilst it is generally understood that in music copyright law that the preceding works are the copyright holder in this instance I am bound to rule in the favour of the claimant and therefore find that Pink Floyd (Harvest Records / EMI Ltd) are liable for copyright infringement and defamation of character.”

He went on to declare that a multi-million pound settlement was due and that the damages would be paid in unmarked twenty pound notes.

In a seemingly unrelated incident the Justice Sir Norman Broadwell’s son, Jeremy Broadwell, was discovered by police after a tip-off. He was bound with duct tape and drugged with Ketamine in an abandoned warehouse that had recently been the scene of a large illegal ‘rave’ gathering.”

Unfortunately, the stress and costs of the trial was too much for the head honcho of Smitten Records who folded the business and ran off to Australia leaving our eagerly awaited second album ‘The Shit Has Hit The Flan’ with no label.

Pink Floyd reformed in 2005 and arranged a benefit concert ‘Live 8’ in order to raise the money to pay us in full.

We wisely invested the money in fast cars, loose women, drugs and a high tech recording facility in Hackney Wick which was later flattened to make way for the Olympics village leaving us broke once more.


THE GEEZER: Bring it on!… You might b pink but we’re punk!


What can we expect from Punk Floyd in the future?

THE GEEZER: Punk Floyd stadium world tour of Norway’s fjords…

After that we’re going to India… gonna hang with maharajas and Saddus in the mountains and get some spiritual inspiration for our next concept album… “THE WINDOW”

DDR: Another expensive trial suing Pink Floyd for copyright infringement (as soon as we have rewritten a few more of their classics…)

CHRIS LIBERATOR: And sometime inbetween all that a new WAHWAH vinyl release which we’ve been working on and you’ll hear at LUU…  Unfortunately WAHWAH are not offering the £100,000 advance our management are asking for…  They offered us 3 £5 Marks and Spencer vouchers and some loose change…  We’re in the process of considering the offer as we don’t have anything else on the table right now and that sorts out our mum’s chrimbo presents…




London Underground United
Saturday 23rd November 2013

100-108 Markfield Road
London N15 4QF
Nearest Tubes: Seven Sisters/Tottenham Hale
11pm – 9am

Fatima Hajji
Patrick DSP – 3 Deck & 303 Set
Punk Floyd – Live
Pounding Grooves AKA Lawrie Immersion
D.A.V.E. The Drummer
Chris Liberator
Aaron Liberator
Sterling Moss
Marcello Perri
Tom Laws



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