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Ralf Kollmann Interview


Ralf Kollmann has harboured the talents of house and technos elite over the last few year’s with his Berlin-based label 2015. We’re excited to be working a lot more with the label over 2015, and caught up with the head-honcho to pick his brains about all things mobilee.



Since the beginning of 2014, we have seen over 30 new releases from Mobilee side with few still to come in the forthcoming month, including top names like Maya Jane Coles. Do you consider 2014 as best so far?
It is difficult to define the success of a release these days. What is the measurement? Sales numbers? Chart position? Radio plays? We are happy to have a wide variety of music happening on mobilee and having continuous success and recognition since we started almost ten years ago. I must admit that 2014 was a good year for us especially because we have few new artists on board like Lee Van Dowski, Igor Vicente or Ranacat and can still rely on Sebo K Re.You, Rodriguez Jr. or And.Id to deliver top notch productions. We are proud that other artists, like Maya, have trust in our work as well. With her and Anja´s release in a row, it’s the perfect closure of our year.

mobilee Rooftop Session in Barcelona has become a renowned, exclusive annual event. Every year you’re bringing in more to it by adding on dates, is this leading to a whole summer Silken Diagonal residency?
We call it the mobilee rooftop summer in Barcelona. There is such a great collaboration and strong bond between mobilee and Hotel Silken Diagonal, so we decided to do a monthly residency from May until September. The three days in a row Sonar rooftop adventure is a highlight, but is also exhausting with all the other events happening that week. We can only fit around 300 people up there and think everybody should have the experience of dancing with us with this spectacular view. It all makes sense for everybody and was a huge and unexpected success last year. So, if you are planning a city trip to Barcelona next year make sure you catch one of the mobilee rooftop parties. We will announce the dates and make tickets available on RA soon.


For this year’s ADE Mobilee has teamed up with the infamous Snowbombing Festival – do you see it as an ongoing future partnership?
We have a passion for bringing the rave moment to extraordinary places like rooftops, pools or beaches. Snowy mountains just fit perfectly into our agenda and we really like the team behind Snowbombing. It’s a pleasure to work with them. Whenever there is an opportunity, we collaborate to promote the big show in the snow.

Out of whole mobilee team, who would be your highlight of 2014?
Difficult to pick anybody as every mobilee artist delivers their own style and makes whole. But Rodriguez Jr. never disappoints, and it’s always a highlight to see him playing live, even though I saw him performing so many times it’s always exciting and different. Well and then there was Anja who was in top form behind the decks and in the studio this year. Her last two productions were a huge success, and it’s always inspiring to see her being so passionate about all things music and party. Thumbs up!

What is mobilee holding for us in the upcoming 2015?
It’s the 10th anniversary and we have few things planned. You will see a lot of label showcases featuring the mobilee all-stars under our “Let Go” theme next year. But before the 10 years celebrations start we kick off the year with our annual mobilee back to back compilation that is presented by Re.You and accompanied by the label tour throughout March with him headlining. It will be a fun packed year with Festival appearances, Sonar action, Ibiza, mobilee rooftop summer and residencies in London with LWE at The Egg and other cities. Hopefully after next year, we’ll be able to say that this was the best mobilee year so far!

And what are your personal plans as a DJ?
I wish I had the time to re-organize my music, get my vinyl collection digitalized and listen to all the gems from the past 20 years again. I probably need to take a month off to get this done. Most of the time will be spent on getting rid of all data and plastic that´s not worth keeping and distracts from the essential music. And then there are a few places I haven’t been yet and would love to bring the mobilee vibe to with our crew.

When can we expect another all-mobilee world tour?
For a while we’ve all been on a world tour constantly. I am doing this interview in Abu Dhabi on the way to Singapore 😉

LWE presents mobilee London
Egg London
24th January 2015

Rodriguez Jr. (live)
Lee Van Dowski
Ralf Kollmann

Ray Okpara
William Kouam Djoko

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