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Ray Okpara Preview


Sugar Feel EP is the newest mobilee release of the busy half-Nigerian DJ and producer Ray Okpara. Melodic, with easy-to-take, pleasant bassline and spiced with electrifying vocal, Sugar Feel brings in a big dose of Ray’s purest, finest house sound.

Moving back and forth between Berlin and Mannheim over the years, half-Nigerian artist has been absorbing off the flourishing dance music scene at its peaks, which combined with his undisputed talent and hard work, makes him one of the top artists of the contemporary house scene. It does seem, however, that the latter city is what he calls ‘home’ – it was Mannheim where Ray began his adventure with instrumental house in the mid 90’s and quickly exposed the results to the public by launching RAJO alongside Johnny D.



The club night evolved rapidly and in 2001, two young promoters teamed up with Nick Curly to move RAJO to Mannheim’s Loft, contributing majorly to the development of venue’s emerging dance music community. This was also when Okpara, learning the craft from scratch, started fulfilling his needs of arising in the production side of house music with iconic labels such as Lomidhigh Ltd, Drumpoet Community and Arearemote.

Over ten years later we can see where it all led to and the results are truly impressive. Constantly exploring the depths of music production and learning to play different instruments, Ray doesn’t take the time off. His own record label, Ama, which he launched back in 2010 is flourishing and perfecting the scene with quality house music year by year. The forthcoming 2015 will see the launch of his new series of parties, and although no further details have been revealed yet, you can only expect good stuff from Ray Okpara. He describes himself as ‘restless’, which he certainly is – and we love it.

Ray Okpara is coming down to Egg London with the rest of Mobilee team in January.

You can listen to Sugar Feel EP here:

And download his recent Groove Mix for free:

LWE presents mobilee London
Egg London
24th January 2015

Rodriguez Jr. (live)
Lee Van Dowski
Ralf Kollmann

Ray Okpara
William Kouam Djoko

+ more TBA