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Recondite Interview


Recondite has built quite the reputation for himself in recent times. His minimalistic live techno performances, conjoined with expansive intelligent soundscapes, have given Recondite not only his own sound but also his own brand and identity. In preparation for his Printworks London debut the German based DJ and producer popped by for a quick chat about all things techno.

We are very excited to have you play both Printworks and Junction 2 this year. Can we expect to hear any new and unreleased material in your live sets?
You can find unreleased material in every set I play.

You have said in previous interviews you feel a deep connection to nature. What would be your dream location to play?
I think playing outside is nice in general – By the seaside or in the mountains. Having a view while playing adds a little extra magic. I think it would also nice to play in a forest, but then I think it’s not a good thing as you scare away too many animals and the forest is supposed to be a quiet place.

Your music is unique and defining. When you hear a Recondite record, you know it. Characterised by expansive soundscapes and precise silences, it is a very different offering to traditional dance music – yet it still packs punch on the dance floor. What is the inspiration behind this? Is it something that comes from your connection to the wilderness?
Growing up with a tight connection to being in nature, I always listened to music with beats. Rhythmic music with lots of bass like 90’s hip-hop. I always had a soft spot for minimalistic beats, melancholic melodies and a certain dark vibe in the music. It’s probably logical that now I do what I do.

As somebody who traditionally enjoys to work solo and in your own environment, do you find the process of collaborating or remixing more challenging?
Very challenging. It takes time to get a flow if you have to level out more than one flow at the time. It’s all about trying though and especially about not pressuring oneself. Seeing if a collaboration has potential or not and deciding to continue or stop is also important.

Having mentioned you only listen to and primarily focus on your own music, what inspired you in your early days to get involved with electronic music? What did you discover first, the music or the clubs?
100% the music. 90’s hip-hop and hip-hop, in general, is still the closest genre to me. I grew up with this kind of music and from there I took my journey. I defined my taste over the years and started to look for my vibe more and more specifically. Until I came to a point where I narrowed down my taste to what I really, really liked. From there I came to the conclusion that the next step was to make my own music in order to receive exactly what I was looking for. Then I started to find the quickest and easiest way possible to transform my musical ideas into frequencies.

What more can we expect from you in 2017 – Do you have any new projects, concepts or collaborations planned?
My album in fall 2017 is going to be different to my recent works. No dance music at all, but I will have dance tracks on EPs in 2017 too.

Recondite plays Melt! Presents on 18th March at Printworks London & Junction 2 Festival in June.