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Red D (FCL) Interview


With genre defining beats, FCL have set the tone over the last few years, having created dancefloor weapons that have become staples in the crates of DJs in the bedrooms and festival main stages. With an unrivalled sense of flow in their productions, the duo are also pretty tasty upon the decks. We’re really excited to be brining in Red D (one half of FCL) to the next Mixed show, where he’ll most certainly bring the vibes. We caught up with Bart to see what he’s been up to.



If you could describe your sound in three words what would they be?
Now Dance Baby

What has been the best memory you have had behind the decks?
Impossible to choose just one, but any Panorama Bar set simply has a couple of moments you never forget.

Have you played in London much – If so what do you like about it most?
I’ve been playing two to three sets in London a year since 2010 or something and it always amazes me how a crowd can be both completely wasted and still very knowledgeable. So I usually get along fine with everybody 😉

What have you got planned for the rest of the year as Red D and as FCL?
With FCL we’re working on four or five new tracks that will become two or three singles on different labels. Under my Red D guise I’m mostly focusing on running my label We Play House Recordings and working on some collaborations and new stuff for that. I’m especially excited about some older projects I’ve dug up from an old hard drive that I’m finishing in the next months. Other than that it’s all about buying and playing that vinyl every week and weekend!

If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?
I feel that I’m actually working with some of the best and most talented people when it comes to FCL and WPH, but I wouldn’t mind having a studio sit down with Levon Vincent.

What does FCL stand for or mean?
That is the always-recurring question, which only takes a bit of Goggling to find out…

If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
About 10,000 vinyl records, and a bunch of old hardware. Usually my cat as well, she likes warm gear!

Describe your typical day.
I have none, but it usually involves a couple of hours of following up on e-mails and label work, some studio time, buying records, making dinner and overall social activities commonly called living.

See you soon!



LWE presents Mixed
The last weekend of every month

Village Underground
54 Holywell Lane

February 28th
10pm – 4am

FCL (Red D)
Kidnap Kid
Zoo Look