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Reset Robot Interview


Hailing from Portsmouth is Reset Robot who has built up a solid reputation for his intuitive techno sets and tightly knit productions. Building up his fanbase across the world with those that like their deep moody tech house, he has quickly become a name on everyone’s lips. Close friends with other south coast techno protégé Alan Fitzpatrick you can catch them both at this year’s Drumcode Halloween party at Great Suffolk Street.

How are you, how was your summer?
My summer was great thanks. I was happy to finally see some sun in the UK.

What do you think about the UK’s techno scene at the moment?
I think its pretty good in London with brands like Drumcode, Tresor doing stuff and the Electric Minds, Broken & Uneven and Hydra events. Fabric is obviously still very good. I don’t really know how healthy it is in other cities but I think it’s going to get stronger again.

If we were to walk into your studio what would we see?
You’d probably see me. Then all the usual stuff like a computer, 2 X Adam P11a Monitors, 3 chairs and some dusty old midi controllers on the floor. Oh, and my wall is covered in graffiti!

We’ve seen you been working with Alan Fitzpatrick in the studio lately, any upcoming releases you can tell us about with him?
Well, I’ve always worked with Alan as I’m his engineer but we have started to write some actual collaboration material recently. We’re having fun with it and not putting any pressure on the direction it’s going in.  With regards to releasing the music I’m not sure what were doing yet. We need to finish a handful more tracks and see what we’ve got at the end.

Is there any south coast rivalry between you guys?!
No rivalry at all… we all support each other and help each other out. There are a lot of guys doing really well for themselves.

How important has your hometown been in influencing your music, and what’s the local creative scene like?
Portsmouth has been quite influential I think.  It’s where I first got into dance music. I worked at a record shop for a long time and went to college here and studied music technology. There have been and still are some good nights here like Geushky, Punch Funk, Remember Tomorrow, Pure Sex, Amplified, Contact, Sumo and Breakneck. All of those have been successful parties at some point and have brought some top names to the city.

What are you most looking forward to about playing at the Drumcode Halloween event at Great Suffolk Street?
This kind of thing…

Apart from techno what other musical avenues have inspired your style of production, and djing?
I’m into all sorts. I like good music in general what ever the style. On my iPod at the moment is Matthew Dear, Sol Seppy, Yea Sayer, Hercules and Love Affair, Atoms For Peace, DJ Koze, Beacon, Kasabian, Elbow.

What’s been your most memorable experience in your djing career so far?

I’ve had some great gigs and some not so great ones but one thing that never leaves my mind is playing after a comedian dressed as the devil in Ukraine a couple of years ago. I played to a room full of people sat at tables. WEIRD!!!!

Best album that you’ve listened to in 2013?

Chip Jacks – Woods [Murge Recordings] This is an incredible album. Chip’s production is up there with the best. He’s another local guy and his music really blew my mind.

Any forthcoming releases projects or anything else you want to shout about?

I’m working on new material for Truesoul and Dogmatik at the moment so I’ll hopefully have 2 new releases tied up pretty soon and I’ve got a remix coming out on Waveform Recordings. I’m also setting up a label with Alan and our good friend Rhymos which will launch some time next year. Finding a name that we all agree on is quite difficult though.

Drumcode Halloween
Great Suffolk Street Warehouse

Arch 1
Adam Beyer
Joseph Capriati
Alan Fitzpatrick
Nicole Moudaber

Arch 2
Adam Beyer (Early set)
Ida Engberg
Reset Robot
With Support from:
Mark d’ground
Joe Morley

Advance tickets available now £15.00 – £25.00 +bf