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Rockwell Festival Guide


Amongst a busy summer of festival appearances and studio sessions, Rockwell talks to LWE about what he’s been up to this season and a few blurry memories from the past. Keep an eye out for him across the UK’s festival circuit this summer, and he’ll be back with us to warm up the Sidings at the end of it all.

What are the 5 essential items that you take with you to a festival?

-Anti bacterial wipes
-Trainers that you don’t mind being utterly destroyed

Favourite UK festival? Why?

The first few years of the Deconstruction Tour were my favourite festivals, which were sort of the UK version of the Vans Warped Tour. Seeing NOFX in Stratford and Pennywise in the London Arena, were both absolutely amazing gigs. Mainstream festivals never really catered for my tastes and the Deconstruction was the only date of the year where I could see my favourite bands all together in a big venue.

Favourite European festival? Why?

Dour this year was one of the best gigs I have ever played. The crowd were really open minded, which is a complete rarity. The running order went from house to drum and bass and back to house and people stayed the whole way through and loved all the dj’s playing regardless of style. I’d still really love to go to Exit though, the scale of the whole thing intrigues me.


What festivals can we catch you at this summer?

I’ve done Dour, Glastonbury, Audio River in Poland, UAF in Austria, Parklife in Manchester and Springfestival in Graz, so I’ve been about a fair bit this summer. Looking forward I’ve still got festival dates in Copenhagen, Gdansk, Shewsbury and Bristol so we still have a fair way to go until the summer is officially over!

Best festival memory as a punter?

Seeing Sick of it All doing a wall of death on the main stage of Reading when I was 16. Instead of splitting the crowd down the middle, they had the people at the front run towards the back and the people at the back to run forward. It was absolute carnage and must have looked amazing from the stage.

And as a DJ?

Having dinner with all the shogun crew at a harbourside restaurant in Croatia before we played at Outlook was really fun. Not strictly a festival memory but it was a nice calm period before the rowdiness of our stage takeover.

Your ideal 5 headliners (must be alive and non drum n bass) to headline a festival.

The Smiths
Black Flag
Minor Threat
DJ Assault

Always looking to think outside the box when he’s DJing, the 2 hour set special at the next Shogun warehouse party in September, will give him the chance to dig deep into his eclectic record collection.

For more information on this event with much more of Shogun’s crew click here: