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Rockwell Interview


Breaking down the barriers across a series of bass influenced genres has seen Rockwell rise to one of the scenes biggest players. The combination of some incredible productions and a multi genre approach to DJing, make him a must on any bass heavy lineup; So we’ve got him in again for the KOAN Sound warehouse party.  If you saw him earlier this month at the Friction presents Elevate night, you will know about Rockwell’s weighty skills on the CDJs!










Any forthcoming releases or other projects you want to talk to us about?
I have lots of solo music and remixes coming on Shogun Audio plus other labels this year so keep a look out for those. Also I’m starting to do some production for other artists, which is something I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into.


If you could make collaboration with anyone who would it be?
I’d like to collaborate with Scarlett Johansson…


When not in the studio what do you spend most of your time doing?
Thinking about being in the studio. Worrying about not being in the studio. Making excuses to other people about why I’m not in the studio.


What are you most looking forward to about playing at the KOAN Sound curated warehouse party in March?
Playing to a different audience and being able to delve into the mire of my influences and play a more varied and multi genre set, and seeing if what I’m in to translates over to people who may not necessarily know who I am.










If you weren’t producing what do you think you would be doing now?
Probably working in the fashion industry but writing tunes in the evenings and on weekends. At least that’s what I was doing previously.


What are your thoughts on technology and djing?
As a Serato user I can definitely say its changed the way I approach and think about the music I want to play completely as its opened up a whole new world with regards to the options I have to extend certain phrases of tunes and also return to points in tunes using my cue points. I’m also able to avoid parts in tunes that I’m not so keen on or bring tunes to the breakdown earlier if needs be, so I’m all for it! I still buy vinyl regularly but for me, personally, as a medium it does not afford me the same flexibility as Serato does for my DJ sets. Also if I was to cut all of the dubs I get sent / my edits / my own music to acetate I would probably end up living in my parents shed for the rest of my life.


Top 5 tracks you are playing out at the moment?
Friction & Skream ft Riko, Scrufizzer, & P Money “Kingpin” [Rockwell Remix]
Rockwell – Down Lo’
Stray – LA Zoom
Hazard & DMinds – Mr Happy (Plasticians Mr Trappy Bootleg)
Rockwell – BTKRSH (Revisited)


Got much planned for the summer yet?
Lots of festivals, touring and also hopefully a holiday somewhere hot… And lots of studio time in between.

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