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Romare Projections


Last year we were treated to Romare’s album Projections that was released on the mighty Ninja Tune. With a sample heavy style the album is uplifting, deep, cinematic and tribal. With his production style branded as “cut and paste”, there is a seemless quality to this jigsaw like style that puts him ahead of his contemporaries and at a quality level the same of DJ Shadow. His tracks are like that spicy chicken dish you made for your mates, but you’ll never be able to get it that right again. Throwing everything into the pan, and letting it simmer away; Romare has continued to find the winning formula with a range of ingredients.

Having studied African American Visual Culture at University, there’s no surprise to hear a distinctive yet subtle blend of African sounds from bongos to R&B. But it would be unfair to box the album just to this sound. With nods to downtempo, G-funk and balaeric house it’s definitely this African influence that shines through and provides a backbone for it all.  We feel that RA’s 2.5/5 rating for this wonderful piece of work was particularly harsh! And the album is certainly something that we feel will stand the test of time. Listen to the album on Spotify here.

Tracks like Rainbow offer a jazzy style piano rift that stutters in the background over a groovy house bassline, and a discoesque vocal that is brought together by some reggae style samples and the result is spectacular.

Romare will make his debut at Tobacco Dock, and will play in the Little Gallery alongside Gilles Peterson.