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Scratch Perverts Q&A


LEAF Cinema is quite honoured to be joined by two of the UK’s most pioneering DJs, Tony Vegas and Prime Cuts, collectively known as Scratch Perverts. Twice winners of the World Team DMC titles plus solo DMC and ITF champs, they’ve done more to contribute to the art of scratch DJing than most, and their deep love and knowledge of Hip Hop has brought the genre to countless festivals and club dancefloors worldwide. Not to mention the 60th birthday party of the late, great John Peel.

They’ll be joining us for the ‘How Hip Hop Shook up the DJ World’ panel talk alongside Lucky Cloud Sound System’s Tim Lawrence, to accompany a screening of the 1984 cult classic Hip Hop movie Beat Street at the Genesis Cinema as part of our ‘Beats On Film’ line up. We caught up with them ahead of LEAF to get a taster of what to expect…














What or who first inspired you to first try your hand at DJing?
Hip Hop as a whole was what led us into DJing. It was the youth culture of our childhoods and while enjoying all the elements, the scratching side of DJing was the thing that stuck.

Who do you think are some of the more unsung DJ heroes, particularly in the early days of hip hop and electro, and if you had to name one hip hop producer or DJ who made more of an impact than any other in the 70s and 80s, who would it be?
Unsung heroes? I guess everyone has their own answer and there are many better placed to answer accurately than we are, but history points to Pete DJ Jones, Grandmaster Flowers, DJ Hollywood. Cutmaster DC for sure, though he was later. Producers that deserve credit? 70s, I would say all the great producers of all the great records that the early DJs latched onto, which I guess is a fairly infinite answer. Clifton Chase of Sugar Hill Records (certainly for ‘The Message’) and the in the 80s Marley Marl seemed to dominate.

Who would play you guys in Scratch Perverts: The Movie?
Any two London cab drivers would fit the bill well.

What makes London so exciting for electronic music?
Difficult to answer; there are so many levels of participation in music, that each person’s individual motivation is the key to keeping things exciting.

What are you working on at the moment?
As always, we are busy maintaining a presence in clubs, keeping our heads down in the studio and most importantly staying inspired by the incredible amount of great, diverse music that is being released at the moment.

Beat Street + ‘How Hip Hop Shook up the DJ World’ Panel Talk with Scratch Perverts & Tim Lawrence takes place at the Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel, 4.30 – 7.15pm on Saturday 7th March.

Tickets are £10 HERE