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Second State Sounds


Stephan Hinz, Clint Stewart, Michael Klein and of course Pan-pot make up the core of the former’s label, Second State, based in Berlin. With EP’s being released by these guys the label has also seen a lot of other great collaborations.

Remixes on the label have come in the form of Carl Cox, Joseph Capriati, Nicole Moudaber, Extrawelt, Paul Ritch, Stephan Bodzin, Ray Kajioka, Wigbert, Alan Fitpatrick. All of these guys were features on the remix package of their critically aclaimed album The Other.

Pan-Pot will use Second State to guide their peers, fans and followers through their world. Much more than just a label, Second State is a second home that will allow Tassilo and Thomas to realise their creative ideas and connect with people who share a similar vision to their state of mind and thinking.

Listen to the Second State London playlist here

So what’s the ethos behind Second State?!

Thomas said:

“We don’t just see Second State as a label, it is more of a platform for events, fashion, videos, interesting stories and everything creative that surrounds us. So of course records are one of the important factors but we don’t want to be limited to just the releases to express ourselves.”

Come and join us for the Second State experience this March at The Hydra.

Pan Pot 2000