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Shogun Audio Podcast: Rockwell


Alix Perez and Rockwell battle it out b2b at the fast approaching Shogun Warehouse Party…

Alix Perez is commonly regarded as one of the most ground-breaking and innovative producer/DJs of his generation. Little time after his debut release, Alix saw himself catapulted to the forefront of the drum and bass scene with an ever growing reputation and sought after catalogue of music.

Rockwell is without question one of the most exhilarating talents in electronic music in recent times, being included in the accolade of Mixmag’s 2010 Players of The Year. Now comfortably one of the scene’s most distinctive, talented and sought-after producer/DJs, Rockwell stepped up his game by signing exclusively with Shogun Audio. Responsible for a chain of colossal releases on significant labels such as Digital Soundboy, Renegade Hardware, Critical and Darkestral at the beginning stages of his career, Rockwell picked up Single of the Month awards numerous times in succession for every solo record released.

Shogun Audio Podcast: Rockwell

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