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SIDEXSIDE Photos & Reviews


Photo by Luke Baker // review

“When you have the likes of Carl Cox, Seth Troxler and Joris Voorn  playing extended 3 hours plus sets in one of the best venues in the UK, you’ll realise what life is for.”

Photo by Luke Baker //

The Sun review

“Back below ground and down into the eery, almost haunting car park for Seth SXS Fabric resident Craig Richards, it’s a session of percussive house mixed with rumbling, obscure techno and flashing red strobes. Visually and sonically, there’s nowhere else quite like the elongated, concrete-floored basement.”

Photo by Luke Baker //

Data Transmission

“There were many bars scattered around the venue, with a cashless payment system that worked extremely well. There was also plenty of toilets and other facilities such as cash machines and even a nice variety of food. Thankfully there was no cloakroom as it had been replaced by lockers.”

Photo by Luke Baker //

Pulse Radio

“If LWE can do this with a lineup of this size, I can only imagine how future events such asJunction 2 will go down, as the likes of the Drumcode family, Dixon, Âme, Marcel Dettmann and more all descend on London.”

Photo by Luke Baker //

Hold your horse

“The line-up was undeniable, the venue renowned, but the execution of SIDEXSIDE exceeded expectations by a long way.”

Photo by Luke Baker //

Zap Bang

“Joris Voorn in the Little Gallery seemed an appealing option for reviving from the car park’s intensity. Joris stuck to a deeper sound and had kept the Little Gallery full throughout the afternoon”

Ear Milk

“On route to the Great Gallery “Blue Monday” drew attendees to discover andhim in the midst of an intimate impromptu set underneath the main staircase.”