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Smile High Club – Artist Preview


Tobacco Dock has quickly become one of the most loved spaces for electronic music fueled escapism in the capital. The combination of it’s amazing architecture that fuses timber, glass, masonry and concrete with an industrial twist makes it like nowhere else. On the 2nd January the legend that is Fatboy Slim will bring his Smile High Club to Tobacco Dock for a day of debauchery…

Those new year’s resolutions can wait a little longer, here’s a look at some of the artists Fatboy Slim has called on. Reaching into various corners of the scene, Smile High Club will celebrate the future of party music.

2manydjs (DJ set)
From politically incorrect prog-rock to funky r&b, from trendy hiptrop to banging German techno, ja: if it gets a booty going, the Dewaele brothers have it in their record collection. The guy behind Soulwax, they are straight up golden.

Another act that’s been surfing the wave of the UK house renaissance, Secondcity’s skill for creating instantly recognisable classics has positioned him at the front of the pack.


Breach kicked off 2015 with a track with Oliver Dollar on Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird and has continued to work alongside a diverse range of figueheads from Will Saul’s Aus to R&B’s Kelis. His wizardry in the studio easily converts to an enchanting performance on the decks, which has seen him play on a wide variety of shows. Hard to pidgeonhole he’s just as comfortable on a chin strokey techno lineup as he is on a student tour; and he always brings the vibe.

Erol Alkan

It’s hard to pinpoint how much Erol Alkan has done for the London scene and with that the ripples he’s had globally. Through his label Phantasy, legendary club nights and mind meltings performances he’s helped create sounds and spark plenty more off the back off it. Incubating a whole slew of names through the indie electro era, he was monumental in creating a cross over between rave and band culture.

“I want to make great records, or be part of great records”, explains Alkan succinctly. “I cannot play music I do not believe in, and I don’t want to be someone I’m not.”

Cyril Hahn
Born and raised in the Swiss capital Cyril Hahn now residing in Berlin, and spends his time making music that’s the sonic equivalent of an aphrodisiac. His sexed out remixes have built him up an army of fans globally, whilst picking up the support of The XX amongst many others. With his fingers busy on the buttons, he’s established a beautifully sophisticated style, blending house with R&B, soul and a little bit of sunlight.

Ben Pearce
Ben Pearce is much more than the synonymous hit ‘What I Might Do’, and has worked with a whole cluster of artists that’s seen him play headline slots at the best events globally. With his fingers busy on the buttons we’re expecting even bigger things to blossom for Ben next year.

PBR Streetgang
The duo’s remix output has been built up along the same trajectory as their originals, beginning with friends Crazy P and Maxxi Soundsystem, but soon growing outside of the UK dance world. In Resident Advisor’s words, the title track “sets of with a gait of a bagner, but it soon melts into a sun-dappled piano house charmer.” Ten years in the making, these “technically sound selectors”, according to Mixmag, have “secured spots at clubs and festivals the world over.”

In today’s scene Severino is at the top of my tree…a direct link to House music’s glorious past and its future. A man with great musical taste, a sense of fun and most importantly, a sense of drama in his selection. Part of the HorseMeatDisco crew he’s no stranger to a good old knees up.

Pandora Drive
The bittersweet sound of Pandora Drive, have enveloped a whole range of influences which has scene Booka Shade & Maya Jane Coles jump to remix their debut track Hurricane. Fusing pop with a moody and sultry tech house vibe has given them an edge that’s different from the rest. We’re really excited about them making their debut appearance at Tobacco Dock in 2016, as it’s set to be a special year for them.

Theo Kottis
His productions aren’t afraid to do different things that not only take him outside of the box, but redefine what the box is. Theo has more than established his name in Edinburgh and beyond, throwing and playing at parties in the capital, Ibiza and Croatia. Exciting times ahead for him following his release on Moda Black, and plenty more to come from the young Scotsman.

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