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South London Ordnance Added To Jaded 8 Years


Cutting his teeth on 12″ singles in early 2012 for stalwarts of the UK scene, Well Rounded & 2nd Drop, South London Ordnance delivered his first full EP in September this year via Dutch tastemaker, Audio Culture. A single on Copenhagen based imprint TEAL followed – as well as a remix EP on the label, featuring productions by West Norwood Cassette Library & Jared Wilson. Remixes in his first year have included work for Warp and Rinse Recordings.

SLO – you seem to be ticking all the right boxes, how has 2012 been for you?

Thanks. Yeah, it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve done some great shows in the UK – two or three a week across the country and further afield for a while now. Some fantastic opportunities have come my way – Mary Anne Hobbes & XFM Presents at The Camden Crawl, Boiler Room x WHP, playing Room 1 at Fabric, FWD – not to mention loads of stuff in Europe – Amsterdam Dance Event with the Audio Culture guys, Dimensions Festival, shows in Belgium, Milan, Kiev etc.

Release – wise the response has been really positive. I had the opportunity to put music out on some labels I really respect, so it was great to see the records go down well.

SLO is quite a recognizable name what’s the story behind that?

I’m from South London – I live here, and have done all my life – apart from a brief stint at University in the North. The Ordnance bit references artillery – those metallic, percussive sounds you can find in my music. It’s nothing to do with maps.

What can we expect from your forthcoming release on Hotflush?

Scuba has been supporting one track off of the release for a while – Revolver. It’s a bit deeper than a lot of the stuff I’ve put out thus far – a little more mature, I reckon. I think the rest of the record will probably echo that sentiment.

What have been the biggest influences on your style and sound?

It’s hard to pinpoint the biggest influence to be honest – I’ve always dipped in and out of genres – been a fan of one artists’ output for a while, and then moved on. I was really into Drum & Bass for a long time – people like D Bridge, Alix Perez, Break – early Photek, Mask & Gang Related, Krust etc. I always feel like I took a lot sonically from those guys – in terms of bass tones, snares, reverbs etc.

Any other upcoming projects or collaborations you would like?

I’m terrible at collaboration because I work in a fantastically unproductive way – a lot of the atmospheres and drones I use in my music involve a huge amount of trial and error, bouncing things in and out of Logic and applying FX for hours. It can get pretty dull if there’s another party present. That being said – I’m doing some stuff with Locked Groove. We’re both pretty busy playing and getting tracks ready for Hotflush releases next year, but I’m confident we’ll get some solid stuff together.

I’m also getting ready to sit down and write some stuff with vocalists – so yeah, I’ll probably have to suck up my pride and do stuff their way at some point or other. Finally, I’ll be working on a live set next year – but I’m determined to make it interesting so I wont be dragging any machines to clubs for a while yet.

What other producers are you listening to at the moment?

The new Policy album is great – that and the Andy Stott LP. I’ve been going back to the Sigha album again and again as well – just fantastically interesting tracks. Otherwise – new Scuba, Tessela – Paul Woolford under his Special Request alias, Presk – a new guy called Metrist who sends me a lot of raw, choppy Techno… Loads of stuff to be honest.

Did you expect such a good response on your first EP?

Ah – no… Not at all. I’m glad it was well received though – those were nigh on the first tracks I ever finished.

What’s your favourite cities to play in and why?

Retrospectively, I had a pretty amusing time in Kiev. Manchester is always top, as well as Leeds – I do enjoy playing in the North to be honest…

Whats the best DJ set you’ve seen in the last 6 months?

Sigha on the Beat Dimension boat party at Dimensions over the Summer was a real highlight – Lone at the same festival was amazing too… Otherwise – and it sounds weird, but I haven’t seen a huge amount of people play out! Certainly where my focus is just on their sets – as a punter… Actually – I played in Liverpool the other day with Bicep, and they absolutely killed it.

South London Ordnance Jaded 8th Birthday Promo mix

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LWE presents
Jaded 8 Years
The Sidings (Followed by Afterhours at Cable)
Saturday 17th November – Sunday 18th November