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Step inside… Tobacco Dock


On 1st October, Annie Mac will showcase her musical schizophrenia, with Tobacco Dock providing the setting through an exploration of varied electronic grooves.

Tobacco Dock has quickly become one of the most loved spaces for electronic music fueled escapism in London. The combination of its amazing architecture that fuses timber, glass, masonry and concrete with an industrial twist makes it like nowhere else. Three contrasting dance floors are interconnected by outside balconies and walkways set across two levels, making for a journey and experience like nowhere else when walking between each sound system. The brickwork tunnel that takes you down to the carnivorous Car Park; a stark contrast to the glass walls wrap you into The Great Gallery. The combination of inside and outside make it the ideal place for day parties, and LWE continue to build on that legacy that is changing the landscape in London and beyond. Here’s a closer look at rooms…


The Great Gallery

Lasers, CO2, lights, screens and LED make this the flagship room for the production side of things, with all of this breathing a fresh new light into the grade 1 listed building. Once you’re in The Great Gallery you’ll find it hard to leave the dancefloor, with a whole wave of colours, sound and emotion germinating into an uplifting experience. There’s always a great spirit of togetherness in this room, as people from across the world become a loose community to enjoy themselves and celebrate life in an electric atmosphere. The high ceilings give this room a spacious and epic feel that make it ideal for day parties.

Giacomo Tonoli Photographer

Car Park

Having made the journey from the venue’s central quadrant- down an arched brick tunnel, you will reach the entrance to the Car Park; and never has the prospect of walking into one seemed so inviting. As a wave of sound hits the side of your face, a few flickers of light will catch your sight, and you’ll be immediately drawn towards the front. Before you know it you’ve lost an hour, two or maybe the whole day… The Car Park is a backlash against the excess and strips everything to its basics. Minimal lighting and a thunderous soundsystem, set in an immense industrial setting help create a vibe you won’t be able to imagine unless you’ve been in there. Perfect for the tougher sounds, there’s nothing like loosing yourself to techno in this room.


The Little Gallery

Intimate and enclosed, the Little Gallery offers a different dynamic to the other rooms, and the opportunity to build a closer bond between the audience and the DJ. With Stunning exposed timber beams the rooms high ceilings, help to give it a feeling of openness and warmth. This is the room where you can watch the DJ turn ever knob on the mixer (if you’re close enough), and really watch them work their magic. If you really want to get into the music or an artists performance, this is the room to immerse yourself in.

little gallery3